Now now now,

Christmas can be absolutely fabulous if you have someone to cuddle up to however, it can be a nightmare if you situation is the exact opposite. I have the perfect solution for all the lonely hearts out there.

This is an extract from LL Cool J's classic - 'I NEED LOVE'

When Im alone in my room sometimes I stare at the wall
And in the back of my mind I hear my conscience call
Telling me I need a girl whos as sweet as a dove
For the first time in my life, I see I need love
There I was giggling about the games
That I had played with many hearts, and Im not saying no names
Then the thought occured, tear drops made my eyes burn
As I said to myself look what youve done to her
I can feel it inside, I cant explain how it feels
All I know is that Ill never dish another raw deal
Playing make believe pretending that Im true
Holding in my laugh as I say that I love you
Saying amor kissing you on the ear
Whispering I love you and Ill always be here