Rihanna is looking good considering........peep her perfect under-body in this picture.


1. You've ever put foil on your TV antennas to get better reception.
2. You've ever had to use pliers to turn your TV on.
3. If you've ever been beaten with an extension cord.
4. If you've ever passed someone a note asking "Do you like me?" or "Can I have a chance?" check _yes, _no or _maybe.
5. If you have ever used dish washing liquid for bubble bath.
6. If you've ever ran from the police on foot, and if you got away
7. If you've ever had reusable grease in a container on your stove.
8. The batteries in your remote control are held in by a piece of tape.
9. If you've ever used any of the following for drinking glasses: jelly jars, mayonnaise jars, mason jars, or peanut butter jars.


How you doing?

Yep, yours truly found himself in the hospital for food positioning this week. Last Friday, I cleverly thought the foreign cuisine - Amala and Ogbono soup would be the ideal absorbent for my weekend drink consumption.... fast forward to 6 hours later, I was in a hospital bed with syringes in my left arm, I couldn't hold anything down and I was starving.

The only thing that got me through was my vivid fantasies of a hot bowl of soggy Indomie noodles with two boiled eggs sitting firmly by the side of the bowl. This desperate state of affairs helped in authenticating my high echelon of ghettoness.

So.....I thought how does one truly know if he or she is ghetto? As I had infinite time on my hands (after watching Jenifa Part 1 & 2 – Oscar-worthy!), I scribbled a number of past ‘ghetto-lystics’ antics of recent months.

1.You know you ghetto when everytime you go on holiday, you order rice as a side dish even if not highlighted as part of menu

2.You know you ghetto when you refer to ‘seeing someone’ as ‘toasting’

3.You know you ghetto when you live in London but ask you mum to send home videos or P-Squared’s latest CD

4.You know you ghetto when you walk into a Gucci store and only buy a keyring

5.You know you ghetto when in a rush you get on an Okada but wear sunglasses in hope no one would see your ass

6.You know you ghetto when you call Tomatoes – “Tomati”

7.You know you ghetto when you have Shina Peter’s Afro Juju at the back of your Case Logic

8.You know you ghetto when you start or finish your sentence with ‘you know, az in, i mean....’

9.You know you ghetto when you go to Dubai and visit the Burj Al-Arab - as a tourist

10.You know you ghetto when your name is Bobby Valentino

11.You even more ghetto when you like a song by an artist named Bobby Valentino

My name is Bobo Omotayo – I am G.h.e.t.t.o and this week’s Friday Track is BEEP by Bobby Valentino ft. Ludacris, Lil Wayne & Kim.

.... There is nothing wrong with being Ghetto-lly challenged – embrace that!



Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives us great pleasure to tell you that we're going global. Yes, you heard right - The Renaissance Man has gone global.

Thanks to the beautiful people at The Guardian Newspaper, this blogsite has been given a weekly column in the international respected news franchise.

Now, it wouldn't be the Renaissance Man to do things conventionally hence we have put our own spin on the column space and created a weekly thermometer which ranks the most interesting things in music, arts, fashion, film and culture.

Our d├ębut was two weeks ago, kindly look at our last week's edition.

Comments please!


How's it going?

I promised not to discuss this matter any further and as many of you have so rightly pointed out, there isn't a single blogpost on this issue on The Renaissance Man's blog - but I have just seen the first released picture taken by the police of RiRi's face ( - cheers TC, and I'm sorry I don't care what the crime is, this is ghastly.

Melody shared this with us yesterday and I think all women should make a mental note of this....(I pray I don't offend some friend somewhere that I've forgotten with a Brown Surname or worst still someone on the Friday Track list, if not, I apologise - you're the exception)

First there was James Brown beating up women
Then there was Bobby Brown beating on Whitney
Now It's Chris Brown beating up RiRi

If his name is Brown, RUN B***H RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week's Friday Track is Paleface ft Kyla's Do you Mind. We like this!!!!!

"Cash ya....a mo see saw at next week Friday's parrrrry"


Here's some 'swagger like us' red carpet behaviour from last night's Brits Awards.

Some winners and some .....ooooh Lords!

M to the I-S-T....double E Q....the one Alesha!

Alexa Chung: Don't believe the hype.

Alexandra Burke: Look at the faces of the spectators in the background. Shall we say 'confused' sums up their sentiments. Let's not even start on the electric blue-sclerosis. She is way to excited to be at an Award show.

Calvin Harris: Sorry buddy, it doesn't work. Try again next year.

Duffy: The Queen on her throne. Fantastic night - so well deserved.

Estelle: Ish-No-Think-So!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Girls Aloud: This picture looks starved of genuine love but the girls are our treats and we feel these cocktail getups. So Big Up!

Last and intended to be the least, Kate Perry - errrr....why is she here?


Duffy did us proud last night at the Brits Awards by winning a hat-trick. the 24-year old talent was the night's big winner scooping awards for best album, best British female solo artist and best breakthrough act.

We were very shocked that she didn't win a Grammy during the live televised segment considering how brilliantly strung together the songs on Rockferry.

She solidified her victory with a nice swear word on live TV during her third acceptance speech, she said: "I'm not going to lie to you, it's really not ------- easy. It's hard. It's really hard".

Thinking back, that is one serious album. 'Cop that!


We are desperately trying to understand what this sudden obsession with LEGO (yes, LEGO - the multi-coloured building bricks that shaped most of your toddling years) in recent months is all about. From bags to wrist watches - LEGO has certainly made a comeback.

I'm personally looking forward to a LEGO-inspired condom. In the words of Lady GaGa, that'll be 'space cowboy....cherry cherry cherry boom boom'.


I'd buy, a pair of Ralph Lauren's Blucher M
ocs. (

I'd buy, a Cartier Skeleton Santos

I'd move to Moscow to wear Raf Simons' Fall 2009 overcoat

Perhaps get over my obsession of owning a pair of Church's brogues and opt for the Florsheim by Duckie Brown brogues for half the price


Wow....dilemma er....see what the team at the Renaissance Man are worrying about in today's age of a global recession.

Marc Jacobs and Kanye (the model above) have designed a pair of sneakers for the luxurious Louis Vuitton brand - I guess all kanye previous plugging finally paid off.

Our big dilemma is - does this look any different or better than a pair of Adidas Stan Smith?

Isn't this testimony that you can only design sneakers in some many ways - it don't have doodle to do with technology or creativity?


You didn't have to have seen last week's Grammys but chances are you heard from a friend, read a post-event review or witnessed highlights.

It was a great night for music and some exceptional musical treats. The question on everyone's lips were how would Jennifer Hudson handle the bundle of interest?

The answer simply is....

Watch her performance. This woman was born to have a story to tell.


It must be one hell of a job to be Kanye West's publicist. I doubt if he or she actually gets any sleep.

As the Kanye news/ picture machine continues to roll, we received a press statement earlier which says Kanye will be focusing on his clothing label 'Pastelle' for the time being, hence don't expect an album drop in pending months.

The statement has some comic moments (I actually believe Kanye just takes the piss half-the-time during most press-related materials - he can't possibly believe all that he dishes out), he says he's ready to pour all his "superhero" energy into conquering fashion. Classic!

Love him or loathe him - He is Kanye.


It's credit crunch fellas but there's no point in showing the world that you too are feeling the pinch. Here are some spring essentials to make yourself feel and look good and you never know - it may be the start of a change of fortune.

Our favourite is the Surface 2 air "Wall Street Hotline" Tee - you gots to love it!

Carrera Champion Plastic Aviators
$150 -

Les Essentials Canvas computer bag
$650 -

Robert Geller leather zip bomber
$1,860 -

Georg Jensen 18K gold watch
$6,500 -

Marc Jacobs 5-eye lace up shoes in caffe-brown suede
$500 -

Surface 2 Air "Wall Street Hotline" tee
$80 -


Since we copyrighted the name 'The Renaissance Man', we are like hawks when we see anyone/anything which tries to identify with the name. Terence Howard's cover in the new Ebony Magazine 'The Renaissance of Terence' on the other hand, is just fine by us.

We need more name association of this calibre.