I got incredibly frustrated the other day when I couldn't find my Roots Manuva CD - Run Come Save Me. After 2 hours of searching, I moved my ass to the nearest HMV and purchased another copy. Luckily it was on sale (not that I wouldn't have bought it otherwise)

I forgot how great this record is so I ask the questions that I'm sure many want to - where is ROOTS MANUVA?

We need another first class record bro. Thank you for this though. Exceptional!


Yo Yo Yo

Mary is back!

You know how we get by the prospect f a new album from Mary j Blige. Nothing makes me feel more whole that the sound of Mary's voice eating out my eardrums.

Her new single Just Fine didnt sit with me at the start but the more I listen to it the more I want to do something crazy like mimic her micheal jackson moves in the video.

Plus the beat is reminicent of our whole 2-step movement a la Craig david days. We like we like we like. Mary needs to go on tour. I want to see this MAMA!