Happy Friday,

Allegedly, today (July 25) is going to be the hottest day in London so far with a predicted 30oC expected to pierce my oily skin.

It has been an interesting week of discovery and fine-turning my musical knowledge. I have been a student of hip hop all week as your kind selves have been sending your favourite rap verses of all time as a result of last week’s challenge. With every contribution, I go back and dig, dust and relive the words which range from NWA to WuTang to Masta Ace to Andre 3000.

I’d like to say thank you for your participation, this has been a real eye-opener to the joys that music brings to us all.

We have put together a table of all the verses which were sent to us @ the FRIDAY TRACK. A big thank you to Osa for painstakingly ensuring that we have a comprehensive list. The list is particularly great as it provides instant links to youtube and the respective lyrics forum. It’s great fun!

This week’s choice is a hot scorcher just like this hot summer day. This is DAYS LIKE THESE by the hugely underrated Shaun Escoffery. This is a monster tune.

If you eat anything today make sure it’s an Ice Cream. Go on ladies, ignore the calories.

Enjoy the rest of the day. Mad love to our people from San Fran to Lagos to London to Singapore to New York to Amsterdam to Paris to Washington DC to Tokyo.

We truly love days like these!


You can't say we don't find exclusive. This is the new converse commercial theme tune; it's a NERD production featuring Julian Casablanca and Santiago (we like her!!)

Enjoy, this is My Drive Thru! We give it 5-stars.