Here's Kanye again - never failing to disappoint with his trendy-ass-self. Here he is outside the David Letterman studios in New York as he continues to churn out one TV appearance after the other, all in aid of breaking more records with first week sales of his new release '808 & Heartbreak'


Model of the moment, Arlenis Sosa is actually too bloody gorgeous we have decided.

The 19-year old Dominican descedent is too beautiful for the camera lenses, we almost wish she hadn't been "discovered", it would have been reassuring to know that not all beautiful people are being used to sell garment.

The Lord is good and the word is Arlenis.

N-O, NO!

Just spoke with some excitable music journalists about the forthcoming Jamie Foxx album 'Intuition'

Sorry...but isn't this like getting excited about the prospects of losing a couple of quid over a bad bet? We all know it's gonna suck!


Guess who made an appearance at last night's American Music Awards?

Soooooo...we ask the question, is this Be'I Am..pure' or 'Sasha'?

Kinda getting confused, can you just make up your mind.