Micheal Jackson now leaves in what is essentially another house in Las Vegas. This depressing piece of information breaks our hearts as we try to make sense on how this icon can go from living in 'Neverland' to another middle class home in Las Vegas.

If you like boys why does it have to be young ones? We would have supported you if you'd come out years ago.

Look what jerking-off young boys reduces a man to. Akon needs to sing about this shizzle!


She really wants to be First Lady!
A better gown next time perhaps.


Here's an extract from CNN's Inside Africa, Anchor Femi Oke is interviewing Nigerian's President, Umaru Musa Yar'adua during the recently concluded UN Summit held in New York.
OKE: How did that feel, to stand in front of the United Nations as president of Nigeria?
YAR'ADUA: I felt a burden of responsibility representing my country before the assemblage of world body, where issues of global concern, indeed concerning and impacting at times on the lives of all Nigerians are decided.
OKE: If you review the week, what are the achievements you feel you achieved this week?
YAR'ADUA: What do we have achieved? What I feel I have achieved, really, is sending a message of hope and confidence, you know, to the international community about Nigeria. And through my bilaterals and meetings with investors and various nations that are interested in investment, you know, I have managed to convince and win the hearts of investors. And in fact, I have managed a few agreements (inaudible).
OKE: How do you raise your profile so people know you as president of Nigeria and know your style? How do you raise that profile?
YAR'ADUA: OK, by interacting with people, you know, meet with them. Reaching out, explaining, you know, my vision for my country and my vision for the role Nigeria is to play.
OKE: Tell me five things about you, Mr. President, that the world does not know.
YAR'ADUA: I am (inaudible). I am simple. A servant leader. I am committed to the development of humanity, and I love my country.
Ehhhhhhhhh....I can see why Donald Duke was not allowed to contest during the elections. He clearly was an unfit candidate.


Our boys are about to drop a new album. We are very excited indeed.

The new album is titled 'RHYTHMS & HYMNS' and out on November 12th. Their new single 'Living Darfur' is awe-inspiring and testament to why we love intelligent songwriters.

We are so sick of Mr. Rubber lips Ne-yo hugging up the charts with his cliche-pinky songwriting skills. These are the people worthy of recognition.

Share the journey with us with their new promotional video:



We are so bored of J-Ho! Go and crawl and stay in a hole for ever. You ain't "doing anything well". You're mediocre and desperate to stay relevant. We don't care if you are pregnant, it is all a yawn! Focus on keeping your man, he's obviously the only person that seems to give a hoot about you or what you're doing.

Stay as far away from our TV screens as possible!