I ain't going to lie, I'm an American Idol fan and I have been since the very first pilot series in the UK, originally titled simply Pop Idol. I even voted for the eventual winner, Mr Will Young.

Over the years, The Americans have gotten their claws on it and as usual revamped and remodelled the format to make it the global phenomenon that it is today spinning a franchise that has included Philippines Idol.....Go figure, making Simon Fuller (The original creator) a very wealthy man indeed.

I also have been debating for years if this show can really create great singers and eventual artists. I mean, the series has a lot to be thankful for producing Kelly Clarkson as it's very first winner and the most successful to date. She has gone on to win grammys even though her face freaks me the f*** out.

Last year's winner is starting to impress me. Her name is Jordin Sparks and funny enough that is the only series which I didn't follow religiously but her recent produce is very impressive and her last single "Tattoo" has quickly become a favourite on my MP3 player. Like past winners, I question her marketability, like her predecessors, Rube Stoddard, Taylor Diggs, Fantasia - they are not very attractive people on screen and somehow despite their great talents, they are relatively struggling to truly separate themselves sin the market.

The moral of the story is although the series is unquestionably a great platform for any artist, it is a combine of great music, charisma and talent that will ultimately convince tough critics like myself. In the meantime, listen to Tattoo - I'm very fond of this great simple melody at the moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jordin Sparks.

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Here are the three albums burning holes in our ears this month:


I'M SO EXCITED as I write this post. My boys are BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK, BACK!

Yep bitches, Mattafix is back. The first single lifted from the Rhythms and Hymns album, Things have Changed is fantastic and this is no exaggeration.

I have literally spent hours trying to find the video and I will not stop until I do, you need to see it guys. This is the evolution of my boys and finally I know the world will celebrate this dynamic duo with the vigour that they so rightly deserve.


Doesn't it seem like the whole Neo-Soul movement of the late 90s seem to have evaporated without a trace. We all try to stay true to our "roots" in one way or another either by tieing a turban or wearing those ridiculous Malcolm X necklaces. Yep,...I've tried to bury it at the back of my consciousness.

A few artist were synonymous with that movement, most notably, The Roots, Erykah Badu (The weirdo), Jill Scott and many many more.

A guy bust into the scene really briefly with his self-titled debut album "Rahsaan Patterson" delivering soft-hits like Stop By and Where you are. I'm still utterly convinced that is problem was his image - a camp, Maxwell-esque style which I think American could identify with.

In his defense, he did release other albums in the noughties (Love in Stereo - Oct 99, After Hours - Oct 04, Wines & Spirits - Sept 07) but sadly they all sank without a trace. Nevertheless, he gave us good music once and we ask....Where art thou? bro.....

Show your face.

In the meantime, lets reminisce with my favourite single from him, Where you are


I have been forced to bite my lip continuously about Rihanna since the release of her most recent effort, Good Girl Gone Bad.

The truth, Rihanna has always gotten on my last nerve ever since her debut release. I just thought who is this wannabe-star but ever since the cross-Atlantic hit, Umbrella. I cannot help but hmmm and sing to all her released singles, most notably Don't stop the music.

I actually went to HMV yesterday to purchase the album and I actually felt ashamed for knocking her unnecessarily.

The new single 'Take a Bow' was the final sale point...and just like the song, I finally bow to Miss Pon De Replay - you deserve all that you get.

Bravo. I also really like this video's simplicity - this girl is going places.


You know I'd deliberately ignored to have a debate on the new marriage shamble that currently exist between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. The irritation that I feel about this union-doomed-for-failure is indescribable and it was even brought further to my forefront after watching Mariah's new promotional video for the delectable 'Bye Bye' Single in which Mariah and her beau, are seen to be cuddling next to each other on her private jet...whatever!

What is wrong with these celebrities? The first sign that the marriage will not last is having your partner in your video - we have seen it in the case of J-Lo and P. Diddy then J-Lo and her dancer and then J-Lo and Ben Affleck, as a matter of fact perhaps, J-Lo should write a book on this shit.

I just don't understand how you can marry someone only after 6-weeks of courtship. Is the sex really that good? And is sex with a young man is what Mariah wants, how about she hires a 20-year class A escort - there are plenty of them on the net. She can even get herself a Sakha-Zulu dick if she's desperate for a deep-throat.

Mariah is my girl but messing with whats-his-face is about to piss me off.

I give it 6.....let me be generous...7 months!

Anyone wanna place a bet? I feel lucky today