You know I'd deliberately ignored to have a debate on the new marriage shamble that currently exist between Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon. The irritation that I feel about this union-doomed-for-failure is indescribable and it was even brought further to my forefront after watching Mariah's new promotional video for the delectable 'Bye Bye' Single in which Mariah and her beau, are seen to be cuddling next to each other on her private jet...whatever!

What is wrong with these celebrities? The first sign that the marriage will not last is having your partner in your video - we have seen it in the case of J-Lo and P. Diddy then J-Lo and her dancer and then J-Lo and Ben Affleck, as a matter of fact perhaps, J-Lo should write a book on this shit.

I just don't understand how you can marry someone only after 6-weeks of courtship. Is the sex really that good? And is sex with a young man is what Mariah wants, how about she hires a 20-year class A escort - there are plenty of them on the net. She can even get herself a Sakha-Zulu dick if she's desperate for a deep-throat.

Mariah is my girl but messing with whats-his-face is about to piss me off.

I give it 6.....let me be generous...7 months!

Anyone wanna place a bet? I feel lucky today

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