After finally watching the infamous Tina Fey impersonates Sarah Palin SNL sketch, the team started debating about the many great talents Saturday Night Live has churned out over the years especially black comedians.

They created the Richard Pryor phenomenon, the Eddie Murphy phenomenon, the Chris Rock phenomenon and more recently Tracy Morgan.

The 41-year old Brooklyn-native started his career on Martin where he played the Hustle Man. He joined the SNL cast in 1996 but departed in 2003 before returning as a guest host in March 2009.

Apart from his 30 Rock credits, we wonder if Tracy Morgan will have a long career like his predecessors. His show, The Tracy Morgan show was cancelled in 2003 after one season, he has been heavily slated for his drunk behaviour on appearances but isn't addiction synomomous with comedians?

The truth is we would like to see more of Tracy Morgan - the man is clearly talented, it's time he gets more movie roles and perhaps an HBO Special so he too can run money crazy like our boy Dave Chapelle


We are from the school of Girls Aloud, sooo when we saw new-girl-group-on-the-block 'The Saturdays' new offering 'I just can't get enough', we couldn't help thinking how long before they get dropped from their label?

Notice how they are all wearing different colours in this picture....simply genius. Give yourself a pay rise stylist!


It's always refreshing to see innovative music videos amidst today's lazy eyed directing and artists with minimal vision, English rockers Friendly Fires have single handedly made MTV watchable again.

There isn't a better way to start your Monday morning than to fix your eyes on this 3 minutes and 59 seconds of music directing and editing at its absolute finest.