This is Lumes Flowne - the London based Nigerian rapper with harder punch-lines than Curtis Jackson. He has several mixtapes out at the moment, the most recent been 'The Mixfolio'

He is crisp, fresh and gunning for the throne and by the looks of his recent promotional video 'Tidy', it's only a matter of time.


The Sundance Film Festival has been in full effect this week. Equally as important as the showcased films are the leading girls & boys. Since the Golden Globes red carpet were cancelled and the Oscars likely to take the same fate, we have decided to ditch glamour for avant-garde chic. It's sooooooooo progressive.

Here are some of our winners, Ladies & Gentlemen we introduce you to Evan Rachel Woods (image 1) - she is sizzling.


Oscar-worthy and all round thespian Justin Timberlake is at it again. Yep, trying to position himself with 'cool' black people to reinforce his message of 'I'm really down, really'

We've all seen images of Mr SexyBack grinning in pictures with the likes of 50 Cent and Denzel. At the recent Sundance Film Festival, we see trouser-snake crowding Samuel L. Jackson's space again. When will this boy stop? It's okay, we've all accepted you and you put out the best R&B album in 2007 - get over yourself!

Won't it be funny if Justin gets caught dropping the N word - that will be such a moment!


The word on the street is Eminem has been hospitalized for pneumonia and has allegedly ballooned in weight. I heard this a few weeks ago on MTV News but dismissed it as sensational journalism but it has showed its head once again via several blogs and podcasts. The problem is we have no pictures and it's really hard to back this up with facts but wouldn't this be funny?

Remember his several derogatory references (on old albums) to Elvis' weight and resulting demise.

Go figure!


The new Gillette fusion advertising campaign is packing more heat than my torso. Is this possible?

It has the three highest sports achievers in the sporting world today. Actually maybe that isn't entirely true, I wouldn't rate Thierry Henry in the same league as Tiger Woods and Roger Federer but let's move on.

All three men appear in the new adverts looking as chessy as a Cheese & Onion packet of Crisps donning black suits whilst walking on a treadmill.

This is big sponsorship power at its peak and I know most men shave (the justification for this stupid budget allocation) but come on, Gillette has little to no competition why would their marketing department flock out this much on these endorsements.

I'm guessing each althete must have pocketed at least $20m. I read a clause in their contract and it states that these men must never be caught (on camera or film) unshaven. Now ain't that a b****!

Small price to pay for big bucks! I'll save my legs for that.


Common and Alicia Keys obviously ignore the huge budgets allocated for 'love interest' in music video productions. Both artists have continued to chose each other to kiss and caress, obviously because it's more 'artistic' and you are sad if you don't see their artistic competence...yeah Whatever!

We all remember how stunning she looked in his 'I Want you' video and most will have noticed his more recent cameo on her new single 'Like you'll never see me again', which leads to the question - what is up peeps? This is a PR moment for their respective publicists and I'm suprised they're not exploring it further. This could lead to some great leads or perhaps I'm just too media savvy......yeah, that's probably it!


I don't know anything about this guy, except I heard him for the first time after I heard the Heath Ledger tragedy and it was so appropriate. So if you like the sound of his new single, go and buy his album 'SKYBOUND' it continues to receive fantastic reviews from my trusted newspaper columnists.


I must say I can't b****/curse the most powerful man in Hollywood as I know he has spies monitoring blogs, podcasts and websites that dare to slay his name, so here - MY BIG GOBB IS SEALED. My black (Nigerian) ass cannot afford to be sued at the moment, my mother is still alive.

This is so funny! That Kate Holmes babe needs to reconsider, I applaud the Australian one - shit, I'm not supposed to comment.


I know I critized him for deliberately making himself look like a steroid-addict but if I must admit I found myself dancing to his new single last night at a club. I'm not sure if I enjoyed its strong-resemblance to Amerie's One hit, 1 thing (get it!!) or its rather authetic Dap-kings' production but I enjoy the song - very much.

Here it is, tell me what you think.

YEP.....THE 'J' IS BACK................AGAIN

So Aunt Janet is back!

Yep, you heard seems like yesterday whe she released that sorry excuse for an album 'Damita Jo'. Well, if you are a fan, she's serving us another plate of JD produced noise.

The new single is Feedback, I saw the promotional video for the first time last night and all I have to say is, why the leather outfits? Why the extensions in the air? Her duet with Busta Rhymes was sooooooo 10 years ago (literally!)


Heath Ledger is dead. What the f***?

I just walked into my hotel room during engagements in Athens to this grim story. I will have to apologise for this incoherent rant but I did like and respect many of this young actor's work (I not there, Brokeback Mountain, etc.)

He always came across as nervous, shy and clean living. I'm even more shocked by recent reports on CNN that the NYPD had reported a rolled up $20 and some prescripted sleeping medicine.

So I ask was this another depressed hollywood actor that the world had forgotten untill this tragic demise. He recently split from Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek) last fall and I think he probably never recovered.

I have 2 scenarios -

(i) After watching Brokeback Mountain, I was convinced that this story was particularly close to his heart as I felt he excelled far better than his co-star & film love interest Jake Gyldellehal. Could this be a reason for his split for his wife? Could he have been a repressed gay man?

(ii) We also know that he had a substance abuse problem for years although it has been alledged that he has been clean for a year. Could it be that he had become dependent on the drug once again after his seperation from his wife?

This is a sad death and I do not think IT JUST HAPPENED. Nothing just happens to celebrities in NY.

I feel so sad for his daughter. Another toddler to live with a sad demise of a famous parent.