Heath Ledger is dead. What the f***?

I just walked into my hotel room during engagements in Athens to this grim story. I will have to apologise for this incoherent rant but I did like and respect many of this young actor's work (I not there, Brokeback Mountain, etc.)

He always came across as nervous, shy and clean living. I'm even more shocked by recent reports on CNN that the NYPD had reported a rolled up $20 and some prescripted sleeping medicine.

So I ask was this another depressed hollywood actor that the world had forgotten untill this tragic demise. He recently split from Michelle Williams (Dawson's Creek) last fall and I think he probably never recovered.

I have 2 scenarios -

(i) After watching Brokeback Mountain, I was convinced that this story was particularly close to his heart as I felt he excelled far better than his co-star & film love interest Jake Gyldellehal. Could this be a reason for his split for his wife? Could he have been a repressed gay man?

(ii) We also know that he had a substance abuse problem for years although it has been alledged that he has been clean for a year. Could it be that he had become dependent on the drug once again after his seperation from his wife?

This is a sad death and I do not think IT JUST HAPPENED. Nothing just happens to celebrities in NY.

I feel so sad for his daughter. Another toddler to live with a sad demise of a famous parent.

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Tosin said...

I'm still WEAK!! Too sad for words so much talent gone just like that!
Too sad!
Meanwhile completely agree with you re: Eddie Murphy the guy's a nutter!! I'm sure Mel B will be laughing her ass off!! ha ha
Btw loving your blog :-)