Finally.............. Porn has some use to the advertising industry.

Watch and learn.

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I am the white diapers I wore as they lowered my father into his grave
I am the Apostolic Church of Faith which triggered my curiosity for religion
I am the jollof rice I cooked on a stove
I am the family relative that took advantage
I am the french exam I failed at Dulwich College
I am the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
I am the pages of GQ glossy
I am my brother's brown ankle boots which I wore in its tatters' state to school
I am the green school blazer which stripped me of any identity
I am BBC 2's This Life and its enigmatic characters
I am Top of the Pops and Soul of MTV
I am the Memorex VCR cassettes which I recorded 90's black music videos
I am the 7-hour National Rail journey between Aberdeen and London and the cheap cheese burger with relish which I dug into at Edinburgh
I am my sister for my first pair of Gucci Shoes
I am Forest Whitaker's Oscar acceptance speech
I am Vicky Pollard and the second series of Little Britain
I am the banger Mercedes which broke down twice a week
I am my mother's cook who was there when I was born and continues to feed me with joy
I am the tacky headgear I wore in 2001
I am Awujale's chieftancy title which I will accept

I am the Renaissance Man and this is the Friday Track - Santagold's You'll find


One can't help but notice MTV's The Hills promotional campaigns cluttering subways and bus routes across England. You know the Hills - the one where two girlfriends fallout over their individual choice of lifestyle and relationship partners - somehow, these girls have miraculously turned this bollocks depth into what can only be described as 'rivelting' television.

I don't think MTV could have mastered its media message better than this particular campaign strap "Reality can be a bitch". I wonder which brain-box on the MTV communication team came up with that genius tag.

Whoever said nothing creative comes out when you're intoxicated during a brainstorm?

The big question as Season 4 unveils is, are we still interested in whether Lauren and Heidi will ever play pillow fight again? Will Audriana ever wake up and walk away from Justin? Will Whitney become the stylist that like styles major fashions shows?

If you care enough to watch come 5th October - just rememeber - this is reality.

Go marinade on this!