I am the white diapers I wore as they lowered my father into his grave
I am the Apostolic Church of Faith which triggered my curiosity for religion
I am the jollof rice I cooked on a stove
I am the family relative that took advantage
I am the french exam I failed at Dulwich College
I am the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
I am the pages of GQ glossy
I am my brother's brown ankle boots which I wore in its tatters' state to school
I am the green school blazer which stripped me of any identity
I am BBC 2's This Life and its enigmatic characters
I am Top of the Pops and Soul of MTV
I am the Memorex VCR cassettes which I recorded 90's black music videos
I am the 7-hour National Rail journey between Aberdeen and London and the cheap cheese burger with relish which I dug into at Edinburgh
I am my sister for my first pair of Gucci Shoes
I am Forest Whitaker's Oscar acceptance speech
I am Vicky Pollard and the second series of Little Britain
I am the banger Mercedes which broke down twice a week
I am my mother's cook who was there when I was born and continues to feed me with joy
I am the tacky headgear I wore in 2001
I am Awujale's chieftancy title which I will accept

I am the Renaissance Man and this is the Friday Track - Santagold's You'll find

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