ESTELLE: ................

It breaks my heart when a girl has so much talent but yet unmarketable.

The truth is Estelle is a very talented artist but her features/ stage presence just does not correlate with someone that has the potential to sell bucket-loads of records.

Her musical merger with John Legend promised perhaps BIGGER things but after I saw her new video 'JUST A TOUCH' my old fears have resurfaced again.

Her face is just not right!


Has Ja been working out?

So I saw the new promotional video for his new single 'BODY' - not bad, not bad for the rule-master. We can't know his trademark sing-a-long hooks that has worked well for his collaborations with J-Ho and As-ha-I-can't-sing!

The single will definiately grow on us and that video is sexy. Everything was right - the palette, the women, the body, the texture.
Ja might have finally gotten his shizzle together! Round 2 - 50!


We feel for Heather Mills.

The cow just can't seem to do anything right. Just in case you haven't heard about her outburst on GMTV yesterday, the key story is that she's officially nuts.

She compared herself to Kate McCann and Princess Diana - you wish B****!

This week on your beloved blog, it's all about the 'Hustleress' - Foxy, Fergie now Heather. What an esteemed group (Don't you agree!). From a catalogue model, to a disability activist, to a McCartney, to a psycho gold digger.....ooooh, we love her. Someone please give her a medal. She deserves a pat on the back.

Next time she gets another offer to appear on TV (I can see the offers pouring in!). She should be introduced as "...It's Heather, B****!)

You better recognise!