ESTELLE: ................

It breaks my heart when a girl has so much talent but yet unmarketable.

The truth is Estelle is a very talented artist but her features/ stage presence just does not correlate with someone that has the potential to sell bucket-loads of records.

Her musical merger with John Legend promised perhaps BIGGER things but after I saw her new video 'JUST A TOUCH' my old fears have resurfaced again.

Her face is just not right!


wienna said...

I do agree with u about her. I remembered when she emerged a few years ago with her 1980 hit, i thought wow she'll make it big time and beyond after her small collabo with John Legend. When i saw her new video as well, i tried to keep an open mind about her song and physical features. Maybe she should do a kind of extreme makeover.

BTW, why u no dey respond to comments na.

UnNaked Soul said...

she's in dying need of an Empror's stylist, the devil's PR, and a God Producer... Cause heaven knows she's got it