Guess who's knocking boots with Sessilee Lopez.....yep, you guessed right, it's no other than Mr. 'Love Lockdown' West. You might have noticed the Victoria Secret supermodel as the busty-fur-coat-wearing hardass who shovelled a strapped up Kanye to death in the Flashing Lights video.

What can we say, Kanye or as my uncle would call him 'Kenny West' has brung it again!


Some fresh male accessories around - feast your eyes and perhaps part with your cash.

Patrik Erwell reversible mountain coat

Sony Alpha 900 DSLR

What a Man should know, Vol.1

George Hamilton's Louis Vuitton black leather holdall


As we head rapidly towards what is clearly a global recession, should luxury car makers such as Aston martin be allowed to make cars like this $2 million limited edition One-77?

I know a lot of our male readers are instantly screaming YES at their computer screens - the only problem is they aren't the ones placing their government names of its waiting list.


Here's Kanye again - never failing to disappoint with his trendy-ass-self. Here he is outside the David Letterman studios in New York as he continues to churn out one TV appearance after the other, all in aid of breaking more records with first week sales of his new release '808 & Heartbreak'


Model of the moment, Arlenis Sosa is actually too bloody gorgeous we have decided.

The 19-year old Dominican descedent is too beautiful for the camera lenses, we almost wish she hadn't been "discovered", it would have been reassuring to know that not all beautiful people are being used to sell garment.

The Lord is good and the word is Arlenis.

N-O, NO!

Just spoke with some excitable music journalists about the forthcoming Jamie Foxx album 'Intuition'

Sorry...but isn't this like getting excited about the prospects of losing a couple of quid over a bad bet? We all know it's gonna suck!


Guess who made an appearance at last night's American Music Awards?

Soooooo...we ask the question, is this Be'I Am..pure' or 'Sasha'?

Kinda getting confused, can you just make up your mind.


At the Renaissance Man, we had been raving about the depth of Gnarls Barkley new single 'Who's gonna save my soul' for months, finally, a befitting promotional video has been released and like everything Gnarls.....this is master class.

Enjoy and think!


Big shout out to Aterlieu Olu for giving us the heads up on the new Wiley single 'Ca$h in my Pocket'

It is funny indeed.....kinda reminds us of the hit series 'The Office' .... but on dope, of course.


The softer side of Beyonce is certainly the way forward for the emerging icon’s career. Regardless of our personal opinion on the persona and person behind what has essentially been a great musical talent. On the eve of her new release, I Am.....Sasha Fierce, a 2-CD music extravaganza – similar to an overdose of your favourite biscuit or fruit, this will essentially be the quintessential beyonz a.k.a Ms Put a ring on it dream.

She seems to have dug deep on her vocal arrangements and her song writing abilities, the sophisticated productions on the first CD instalment I Am, is admirable. For the first time, I find myself listening to beyonce’s lyrical content and I confess I almost don’t feel like I’m listening to a Beyonce record.

What do I mean, after all this is the same lady who brought out cliché empowerment drivel but pop classics such as Bootylicious and Independent women. It is reassuring that with age people grow and SOME artists develop musically. This is very evident on I Am and something the superstar should be proud of. Hallelujah, Halo have courageous melodies which rivals even Diane Warren in her finest hour.

The B-side ‘Sasha Fierce’ the supposed alter ego is far more brass and abrasive but sadly doesn’t work and almost puts a ? on which of the sides is really Beyonce. Is the delectable quality of side A, a A&R ploy or is it vice versa, whichever it is.....the 2CD is a commendable effort and granted to secure more airplay for the young woman who is quickly racing into the legends corner.....whether we like it or not!


Do you ever think there are some 'stars' who are good at being jack-of-all-trades , and by that I mean - being a bonafide celebrity, glossy pages regular, etc.

Would you agree if we place Alesha Dixon in that box. I mean, we were all loving her towards the end of last year as she was crowned winner of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, gracefully silencing her enemies especially husband snatcher Javine.

Now......we have mentally tried to block her only hit 'Lipstick' from the face of the planet but she seems to be persistent. She has a new song titled 'The Boy does nothing' which sounds more like a re-make of Mambo No.5 by that fella with the moustache.

If the truth be told, this is awful. Is she's seriously trying to convince us that she has 100% creative input in this offering. We would choke with laughter. We believe in evolving but really - this is a longgggggggggggggg way from the Mis-Teeq ladies days. Even, Mis-teeq's half-boiled R&B tunes are masterpieces in comparison to this drivel.

C'mon Alesha, your credibility is seriously on the line.


As they welcomed the most important news of their lives, we share the moments with the First Family....


Beyonce's Black & White modern classic has truly struck a cod at the Renaissance office.

We were sceptical (as always) about what Sasha Fierce was trying to create, we almost went as far as to brand the video 'try hard' initially until tonight.

In the video, Beyoncé fantasizes about being one of those men who "send single ladies into sex-wielding tantrums over diamond engagement rings". The idea here is that the only power a girl has in a relationship is to act like a boy, instead of redefining "the rules" or refusing sucky relationships.

At the end of the video, though, we discover that Beyoncé's pseudo gender-bending is just a fantasy -- the reality is that her boyfriend treats her like crap, and she has resigned herself to that familiar role of the female martyr.

What is also particularly striking about this concept, is the 'cop' backdrop - get it! Cops are synonymous with safety, authority, and protection but in the case of the NYPD - corrupt, phony and lacking in credibility - we just wonder if this was a coincidence.

Now, on a normal day, we may find all of this rather dull but somehow, it has resonated - so I guess we like it!