Beyonce's Black & White modern classic has truly struck a cod at the Renaissance office.

We were sceptical (as always) about what Sasha Fierce was trying to create, we almost went as far as to brand the video 'try hard' initially until tonight.

In the video, Beyoncé fantasizes about being one of those men who "send single ladies into sex-wielding tantrums over diamond engagement rings". The idea here is that the only power a girl has in a relationship is to act like a boy, instead of redefining "the rules" or refusing sucky relationships.

At the end of the video, though, we discover that Beyoncé's pseudo gender-bending is just a fantasy -- the reality is that her boyfriend treats her like crap, and she has resigned herself to that familiar role of the female martyr.

What is also particularly striking about this concept, is the 'cop' backdrop - get it! Cops are synonymous with safety, authority, and protection but in the case of the NYPD - corrupt, phony and lacking in credibility - we just wonder if this was a coincidence.

Now, on a normal day, we may find all of this rather dull but somehow, it has resonated - so I guess we like it!

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