We've been wanting reasons to further crucify Ne-Yo and his silly preoccupation with wearing a hat at every opportunity which has now been cleverly disguised as "the Gentleman's hat" - whatever!

We finally have put 2 and 2 together after stumbling on his Seattle Police mugshot and it looks like your fave 'so-sick' personality is balding.

Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess he kinda has to wear that hat otherwise he may be grouped in the OAP section at your local HMV store.


This is what falling in love with P-Diddy will do to ya. Audrey O' Brien has been confirmed to do Playboy for $500,000.

Has anyone ever noticed why no one who that has ever been produced/ guided by Puff "Call me Sean" Diddy Poopy Diddy Pop, never makes a success out of their talent after they part ways. Think about it, where is Ma$e, Total, 112,'s almost like working with Puff is a curse for real.

The only person who seems to be exempt from this curse is the man himself...Go figure!


Someone better pinch me the hell is DRU HILL, (i) going to try and make a comeback record then, (ii) anchor their very own TV reality show depicting their journey back to the top.

What part of N.O doesn't their record label understand. NO NO NO NO. We said it four times - hang them to dry.


You know you gotta look twice when you see Sasha Fierce's name in the same sentence as a Golden globe - I thought she was been nominated for the category 'Best alter ego"....I'd been damned!

The "I AM" Beyonce, on the other hand, has been nominated for her song 'Once in a Lifetime' from the upcoming movie 'Cadillac Records'.

Any more confusing shenanigans B?