The softer side of Beyonce is certainly the way forward for the emerging icon’s career. Regardless of our personal opinion on the persona and person behind what has essentially been a great musical talent. On the eve of her new release, I Am.....Sasha Fierce, a 2-CD music extravaganza – similar to an overdose of your favourite biscuit or fruit, this will essentially be the quintessential beyonz a.k.a Ms Put a ring on it dream.

She seems to have dug deep on her vocal arrangements and her song writing abilities, the sophisticated productions on the first CD instalment I Am, is admirable. For the first time, I find myself listening to beyonce’s lyrical content and I confess I almost don’t feel like I’m listening to a Beyonce record.

What do I mean, after all this is the same lady who brought out cliché empowerment drivel but pop classics such as Bootylicious and Independent women. It is reassuring that with age people grow and SOME artists develop musically. This is very evident on I Am and something the superstar should be proud of. Hallelujah, Halo have courageous melodies which rivals even Diane Warren in her finest hour.

The B-side ‘Sasha Fierce’ the supposed alter ego is far more brass and abrasive but sadly doesn’t work and almost puts a ? on which of the sides is really Beyonce. Is the delectable quality of side A, a A&R ploy or is it vice versa, whichever it is.....the 2CD is a commendable effort and granted to secure more airplay for the young woman who is quickly racing into the legends corner.....whether we like it or not!