It's credit crunch fellas but there's no point in showing the world that you too are feeling the pinch. Here are some spring essentials to make yourself feel and look good and you never know - it may be the start of a change of fortune.

Our favourite is the Surface 2 air "Wall Street Hotline" Tee - you gots to love it!

Carrera Champion Plastic Aviators
$150 -

Les Essentials Canvas computer bag
$650 -

Robert Geller leather zip bomber
$1,860 -

Georg Jensen 18K gold watch
$6,500 -

Marc Jacobs 5-eye lace up shoes in caffe-brown suede
$500 -

Surface 2 Air "Wall Street Hotline" tee
$80 -


Since we copyrighted the name 'The Renaissance Man', we are like hawks when we see anyone/anything which tries to identify with the name. Terence Howard's cover in the new Ebony Magazine 'The Renaissance of Terence' on the other hand, is just fine by us.

We need more name association of this calibre.