M-Dolla shows no sign of heading towards the anti-wrinkle cream and quite honestly I'm enjoying her recent efforts. We all agree that Confessions on the Dance floor was not popping hence it's nice to see her back grating her abdomen to great pop-tastic tunes with the little help of $1m-a-song producers but who cares, it's only money and it's M-Dolla.

The follow-up to my dance-floor ego-song "...I only got 4 minutes to save the world' is GIVE IT TO ME. Produced by newly-cool Pharell Williams (yep...it's cool to like him again).

The video will give you a headache with its over-excitable image shakiness but we like it all the same. Look out for the oversize Hermes purple Birkin which Pharell struggles with during the bridge. Soooooo avant-garde.

We like!!