Some classic comedy to herald a stress-free week courtesy of Sheneneh.


How are you doing?

Thought I should share this:

If you love the life you live then you'll get a lot more done, be more inclined to take the reins than turn away and run, it's very rare it seems to get a lifetime guarantee, so I suppose self satisfaction be the key.

My father was a self made man but his wealth did not consist of riches or acres of land instead he had a family who were his biggest fans, that's something that I one day hope to have so I'll cherish the simple things, the ‘easy took for granted’ things like going to my mum’s simply for snails or arguing with my sister, only God knows how I miss her, it's the simple things that mean the most to me.

This week’s Friday Track is from South Africa’s super group Corenahouse. This is the magnificent single ‘It revolves around you’.

Have a great weekend – I’m charged and ready.

Lastly, thank you for the incredible turn out at Machu Picchu last Friday, you made it the night of all nights. Thank you – you deserve a gold star.