Uncle Craig's new album hits the stores today and we have decided not to do a review of his 4th album. We want you to send in your observations on his most recent produce. We have to confess 'HOT STUFF' is rapidly growing on us.

We want to hear from you!


Okay.....I personally never thought this day would come where I would find the hip-hop culture of letting your jeans hang low cause me anguish but I'm tired.

I'm tired of girls showing their g-strings cause their jeans are too low.
I'm tired of skateboarders wearing their jeans low whilst wearing multi-coloured boxer shorts
I'm tired of greasy-looking students rocking this look that is as dated as the movie Clueless - az if!!

All around us are silly billys adopting this aging style and celebrating it like it's a badge of honour. This is stupidity of the highest order - we do not condone it and we certainly feel like the rest of the human race find nothing less amusing that the sight of a butt hanging out of ill-fitting trousers - trust me, THIS IS NOT A GOOK LOOK - WE WOULD KNOW.

In the words of Cher (from the Oscar-winning film) Clueless - I'm howdy!!!!!!!!!!


There is an unknown talent commanding a lot of MTV Base airplay at the moment. His name is Darren B - a young, black british singer/songwriter from East London. We have been hearing his single 'Stand by you' in recent weeks and we are almost shocked that this is a UK produce. This is prime R&B and we are very proud, indeed.

Here's an extract -

Anywhere you want, where you want to
go baby
Girl, I'll go with you
can depend on me
Yours truly
Girl I'll stand by you
Like i said from the start
I'm riding baby
Girl I'll ride with you
Even if you gain weight through stress
I'll stand by you

Please do everything you can to support - download, research, record purchase. This is brilliant!

You heard it hear first!