Okay.....I personally never thought this day would come where I would find the hip-hop culture of letting your jeans hang low cause me anguish but I'm tired.

I'm tired of girls showing their g-strings cause their jeans are too low.
I'm tired of skateboarders wearing their jeans low whilst wearing multi-coloured boxer shorts
I'm tired of greasy-looking students rocking this look that is as dated as the movie Clueless - az if!!

All around us are silly billys adopting this aging style and celebrating it like it's a badge of honour. This is stupidity of the highest order - we do not condone it and we certainly feel like the rest of the human race find nothing less amusing that the sight of a butt hanging out of ill-fitting trousers - trust me, THIS IS NOT A GOOK LOOK - WE WOULD KNOW.

In the words of Cher (from the Oscar-winning film) Clueless - I'm howdy!!!!!!!!!!

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