This is to music continuously been the healer to the human race.

To everyone out there struggling with some health issue or another, I wish you a speedy recovery - there is nothing more valuable than 100% of your self.


Honestly, it’s time to start doing ourselves some favour and start acting as friends on FACEBOOK. After all, we all use one another to make up the number, why don’t we tell each other the truth.

I’ve been on facebook for almost 2 years now and have been an avid fan (albeit respecting myself) but in the last week, I have never been closer to deleting names and ultimately shutting down the account.

Why? It’s people’s status updates .... my my my....it’s these updates of how you livin’, how good it is, when you got your last pay check blah blah. I can only imagine if a webcam was an application then people will televise their baby birth’s or a shopping trip at Selfridges with the rest of the online planet.

Have you also noticed how ‘friends’ always choose to report the good things in their lives i.e. which stars they had dinner with yesterday, what class they flew Virgin Atlantic...I don’t remember anyone saying the bailiffs are after them or confessing they got dumped by a post-it note.

Status updates are meant to provoke thought, make friends laugh or cry – not vomit.

I mean, if one more person tells me their travel itinerary I will scream. It is just fucking shit. This tiresome attempt to outdo each other – you will never make it onto TMZ so get over it. If you’re so Hollywood how come E! hasn’t snapped you up yet – ooh I’m sorry...’you’re above E!’ Yeah right.

Having 700 friends yet only speaking to 100 defeats the whole point of social networking. I’m down for deleting names cause I’m unwilling to wait for the day when one senseless soul goes as far as updating us with the line ‘I got my period this morning’

If you’re not sure what to write, sweetie just don’t write jack.

This week’s Friday Track is from Lagos’ finest SHOW DEM CAMP, this is the blazing track ‘Atarodo’ ...forget you meehn, ...you down SDC....yeah you know me.

Support the boys....download five new tracks from their myspace page - www.myspace.com/showdemcamp



The quest of female pop stars to outdo each other in music video STILL holds strongly if Latin-queen Shakira's new effort 'She Wolf' is anything to go by.

The verdict is actually still out on whether this is either a good song nor complimentary music video


I reminisce for a spell, or shall I say think back
22 years ago to keep it on track
The birth of a child on the 8th of october
A toast but my granddaddy came sober
Countin’ all the fingers and the toes
Now I suppose, you hope the little black boy grows, huh