I suppose it was extremely presumptuous on our path to think the negro-esque parodies, jokes, or slang would stop once the man of the year became the President-elect but I guess we were wrong.

Here's another ignorant song 'Barack the Magic Negro' doing its YouTube rounds and which the Sky News Channel has confirmed that the RNC Chairman defends.

Lord have mercy!

'I'M F******* MATT DAMON'

I must confess I have never truly found nor understood Sarah Silverman or her antics but I must admit this sketch 'I'm fucking Matt Damon' is pure genius.

Watch this!


The Christmas spirit is certainly in full swing - just arrived in London after a 12-hour flight and I was pleasently suprised on how much a golden oldie can lift the Renaissance Man's spirit.

Here's a classic from 1994 from Mary. J. Blige's My Life album....this is the standout breakthrough single 'Be Happy', that's all the team here can ask you to do today as you tuck into that turkey or lamb....whatever you're having this afternoon.

Just do that 90's head nodding to this!


I've often defended the point that Christmas should usher in your favourite past times. Around this time of the year, some great music rears its head and become synonymous with the festive period of that year.

Daniel Merriweather
(The guy from the classic Mark Ronson's Stop Me) is on the verge of dropping his debut record and this is the first official single (if I'm not mistaken) lifted from the record.

This is 'Changes' and it features possibly the rapper that will feature on some of the more important records (not necessarily commercial!!) in 2009, WALE!

This is so soulful yet adventurous.


Guess who's knocking boots with Sessilee Lopez.....yep, you guessed right, it's no other than Mr. 'Love Lockdown' West. You might have noticed the Victoria Secret supermodel as the busty-fur-coat-wearing hardass who shovelled a strapped up Kanye to death in the Flashing Lights video.

What can we say, Kanye or as my uncle would call him 'Kenny West' has brung it again!


Some fresh male accessories around - feast your eyes and perhaps part with your cash.

Patrik Erwell reversible mountain coat

Sony Alpha 900 DSLR

What a Man should know, Vol.1

George Hamilton's Louis Vuitton black leather holdall


As we head rapidly towards what is clearly a global recession, should luxury car makers such as Aston martin be allowed to make cars like this $2 million limited edition One-77?

I know a lot of our male readers are instantly screaming YES at their computer screens - the only problem is they aren't the ones placing their government names of its waiting list.


Here's Kanye again - never failing to disappoint with his trendy-ass-self. Here he is outside the David Letterman studios in New York as he continues to churn out one TV appearance after the other, all in aid of breaking more records with first week sales of his new release '808 & Heartbreak'


Model of the moment, Arlenis Sosa is actually too bloody gorgeous we have decided.

The 19-year old Dominican descedent is too beautiful for the camera lenses, we almost wish she hadn't been "discovered", it would have been reassuring to know that not all beautiful people are being used to sell garment.

The Lord is good and the word is Arlenis.

N-O, NO!

Just spoke with some excitable music journalists about the forthcoming Jamie Foxx album 'Intuition'

Sorry...but isn't this like getting excited about the prospects of losing a couple of quid over a bad bet? We all know it's gonna suck!


Guess who made an appearance at last night's American Music Awards?

Soooooo...we ask the question, is this Be'I Am..pure' or 'Sasha'?

Kinda getting confused, can you just make up your mind.


At the Renaissance Man, we had been raving about the depth of Gnarls Barkley new single 'Who's gonna save my soul' for months, finally, a befitting promotional video has been released and like everything Gnarls.....this is master class.

Enjoy and think!


Big shout out to Aterlieu Olu for giving us the heads up on the new Wiley single 'Ca$h in my Pocket'

It is funny indeed.....kinda reminds us of the hit series 'The Office' .... but on dope, of course.


The softer side of Beyonce is certainly the way forward for the emerging icon’s career. Regardless of our personal opinion on the persona and person behind what has essentially been a great musical talent. On the eve of her new release, I Am.....Sasha Fierce, a 2-CD music extravaganza – similar to an overdose of your favourite biscuit or fruit, this will essentially be the quintessential beyonz a.k.a Ms Put a ring on it dream.

She seems to have dug deep on her vocal arrangements and her song writing abilities, the sophisticated productions on the first CD instalment I Am, is admirable. For the first time, I find myself listening to beyonce’s lyrical content and I confess I almost don’t feel like I’m listening to a Beyonce record.

What do I mean, after all this is the same lady who brought out cliché empowerment drivel but pop classics such as Bootylicious and Independent women. It is reassuring that with age people grow and SOME artists develop musically. This is very evident on I Am and something the superstar should be proud of. Hallelujah, Halo have courageous melodies which rivals even Diane Warren in her finest hour.

The B-side ‘Sasha Fierce’ the supposed alter ego is far more brass and abrasive but sadly doesn’t work and almost puts a ? on which of the sides is really Beyonce. Is the delectable quality of side A, a A&R ploy or is it vice versa, whichever it is.....the 2CD is a commendable effort and granted to secure more airplay for the young woman who is quickly racing into the legends corner.....whether we like it or not!


Do you ever think there are some 'stars' who are good at being jack-of-all-trades , and by that I mean - being a bonafide celebrity, glossy pages regular, etc.

Would you agree if we place Alesha Dixon in that box. I mean, we were all loving her towards the end of last year as she was crowned winner of BBC's Strictly Come Dancing, gracefully silencing her enemies especially husband snatcher Javine.

Now......we have mentally tried to block her only hit 'Lipstick' from the face of the planet but she seems to be persistent. She has a new song titled 'The Boy does nothing' which sounds more like a re-make of Mambo No.5 by that fella with the moustache.

If the truth be told, this is awful. Is she's seriously trying to convince us that she has 100% creative input in this offering. We would choke with laughter. We believe in evolving but really - this is a longgggggggggggggg way from the Mis-Teeq ladies days. Even, Mis-teeq's half-boiled R&B tunes are masterpieces in comparison to this drivel.

C'mon Alesha, your credibility is seriously on the line.


As they welcomed the most important news of their lives, we share the moments with the First Family....


Beyonce's Black & White modern classic has truly struck a cod at the Renaissance office.

We were sceptical (as always) about what Sasha Fierce was trying to create, we almost went as far as to brand the video 'try hard' initially until tonight.

In the video, Beyoncé fantasizes about being one of those men who "send single ladies into sex-wielding tantrums over diamond engagement rings". The idea here is that the only power a girl has in a relationship is to act like a boy, instead of redefining "the rules" or refusing sucky relationships.

At the end of the video, though, we discover that Beyoncé's pseudo gender-bending is just a fantasy -- the reality is that her boyfriend treats her like crap, and she has resigned herself to that familiar role of the female martyr.

What is also particularly striking about this concept, is the 'cop' backdrop - get it! Cops are synonymous with safety, authority, and protection but in the case of the NYPD - corrupt, phony and lacking in credibility - we just wonder if this was a coincidence.

Now, on a normal day, we may find all of this rather dull but somehow, it has resonated - so I guess we like it!


I've always suspected that Kanye is probably a really miserable git in real life.

Watching his new offering, Love Lockdown for the first time (although I really enjoy the song and his vocals), I cant help but think - I've always know that you're self-righteous and probably like the rest of the world, completely unappreciative of whom you are despite the brava-li-cious persona.

The video on the other hand is very interesting. I must say increasingly, I'm liking the creative directions which artists are willing to take their visuals these days - it adds real authenticity to their respective produce.

The 'Love Lockdown' video is really impactful and really brings a song which might ordinarily drown without a worthy visual into prominence. The African drums are so well supported by the visual theatrics in contrast to the white backdrop.

This is the second African-inspired theme music video that has really impressed this year, the other was Gnarls Barkley's very stylist, Going On!

Again, Kan-yi-zee delivers!


Just saw the new Beyonce single "Single Ladies"

2 words - MY WORD!

10 years of consistency - too impressive!


We've been saying Common and Serena Williams are an item for yonks now. Here they are holidaying in Hawaii.

Pairings don't get more interesting than this, I tell ya!

16 @ WAR

Yep......I'm about to utter my favourite line whenever something exciting jumps out of the machine that is the American Music Industry.

"Here's possibly one of the most exciting young talents..." since Alicia Keys jumped out with 'Fallin' many many years ago.

Karina is the 16-year old Brooklyn native who has been generating a lot of attention amongst her peers with her honest approach to song-writing and her infinite capacity to paint vivid pictures of life as a teenager in East Coast, America.

Her debut single really hit a home run with us a few nights ago. The message of the anthemic '16 @ War' is so vivid and hard-hitting that you almost feel like a teenager again - susceptible to all its pressures and uncertainties.

It's a refreshing change from the usual record company teenager artist formula of songs about love and 'boys', it's no surprise chat rooms across the web are raging with teenagers donning '16 @ War' the soundtrack to their young lives.

This is very encouraging indeed.


Errrrrrrrrrrrrrh.....Why is Katy Perry presenting the upcoming MTV Europe Music awards?

Since when did you qualify to host a prestigious award off-the-back of a single?

When will the world stop falling for this drivel called A & R ploy used to create half-talented artists with gimmicks which are to be brutally honest, crap.

If a male artist, say imaginary 'Kurt Perry' released a single titled 'I kissed a boy and I liked it' and can bet our last dollar that song will not get a single radio airplay except on Gay radio stations that is.

We need to stop this double-standard bollocks which we so readily adapt as it suits us.


Finally.............. Porn has some use to the advertising industry.

Watch and learn.

Diesel SFW XXX - Watch more free videos



I am the white diapers I wore as they lowered my father into his grave
I am the Apostolic Church of Faith which triggered my curiosity for religion
I am the jollof rice I cooked on a stove
I am the family relative that took advantage
I am the french exam I failed at Dulwich College
I am the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill
I am the pages of GQ glossy
I am my brother's brown ankle boots which I wore in its tatters' state to school
I am the green school blazer which stripped me of any identity
I am BBC 2's This Life and its enigmatic characters
I am Top of the Pops and Soul of MTV
I am the Memorex VCR cassettes which I recorded 90's black music videos
I am the 7-hour National Rail journey between Aberdeen and London and the cheap cheese burger with relish which I dug into at Edinburgh
I am my sister for my first pair of Gucci Shoes
I am Forest Whitaker's Oscar acceptance speech
I am Vicky Pollard and the second series of Little Britain
I am the banger Mercedes which broke down twice a week
I am my mother's cook who was there when I was born and continues to feed me with joy
I am the tacky headgear I wore in 2001
I am Awujale's chieftancy title which I will accept

I am the Renaissance Man and this is the Friday Track - Santagold's You'll find


One can't help but notice MTV's The Hills promotional campaigns cluttering subways and bus routes across England. You know the Hills - the one where two girlfriends fallout over their individual choice of lifestyle and relationship partners - somehow, these girls have miraculously turned this bollocks depth into what can only be described as 'rivelting' television.

I don't think MTV could have mastered its media message better than this particular campaign strap "Reality can be a bitch". I wonder which brain-box on the MTV communication team came up with that genius tag.

Whoever said nothing creative comes out when you're intoxicated during a brainstorm?

The big question as Season 4 unveils is, are we still interested in whether Lauren and Heidi will ever play pillow fight again? Will Audriana ever wake up and walk away from Justin? Will Whitney become the stylist that like styles major fashions shows?

If you care enough to watch come 5th October - just rememeber - this is reality.

Go marinade on this!


At Renaissance man, we have seen some funny things in our time but Saturday Night Live continue to deliver their unique brand of 'laugh-till-to-choke' humour.

We recently stumbled upon an old special feature - one which nevertheless still holds it's poigant sense of comedy.

It's called 'DICK-IN-A-BOX' and it features Trousersnake himself. Check this out!


He continues to be the Biggest B.o.s.s thus far, Roger Federer (13 times grand slam winner, all round greats sportsman, the face of just about every endorsement deal possible....should I go on) has just signed a multi-deal endorsement deal with Rolex.

King Rog is already featured on the Rolex website as one of their flag bearers. They have a good tag line on his page: ‘Let's not talk history yet. He's still making it’.

How gangsta....sorry Classy is that?

King Rog will continue to rule and we just gonna have to find something to do to Nadal in the new year.

Oh yeah, to the critics.....kiss his Swiss rear!


SO Pink is Back!

Yep, she's back with the same blend of anti-pop antics. Listening to her latest Single, So What we were in shock as we could not believe how little progress she has made musically since her last effort.

Come on Pink! we know you're not a pop BUT rock star. We believe you, we really do. Just put out some decent music pleasssssssssssssssse.

DARK KNIGHT's $500 million take-ins

The Dark Knight has become the second movie in Hollywood history to top $500 million at the domestic box office. The summer blockbuster has raised its total to $502.4 million, according to estimates from distributor Warner Bros.

Sadly, Titanic (the eternal drivel) remains the highest grossing movie of all time with $600.8 million. Speculators do not expect The Dark Knight to overtake its rival but wouldn't we love to end James Cameron's run.

Surely we are not the only ones whom feel this way.


At Renaissance Man, we love us a good 'ole girl group.

We are huge fans of Girls Aloud and after been religious viewerS of Making the Band 4, we have been trying soooooooooooooooo hard to like Danity Kane.

The truth - we just don't understand why these girls have half-decent songs but when it comes to visuals - they just look WRONG.

To further support our argument, their new video for single 'Bad Girl' just looks like a tranny-fest.

Their entire make-up, hair, styling and chereographing team need re-shuffling. These girls just look Cheap. How hard can it be to make 5 average looking girls look half- decent, after all The Spice Girls managed it. Surely, anyone can do this.


We all know that no political campaign will be complete without the two cents of Sean 'Diddy' Combs.

We saw his very 'successful' and 'influential' hand during the Kerry 2004 campaign with his business savvy 'Vote or Die' initiative. Plus in recent months we have been bombarded with his stupid antics supposedly designed to demonstrate his support for the Democratic candidate.

But when will he and all other celebrities realise that sometimes their outspokeness could be a hindrance to a political campaign. Haven't they learned from how Oprah and George Clooney have both strategically pulled away slowly from Obama's campaign. Do what you can under-the-radar (fundraising, etc) but keep your face out of the Camera!

But will Diddy take this advice.....hell no!

On his blog post No. 16., he lunches into McCain's newly appointed running mate, Sarah Palin. In his bizzare rant, Diddy plays out his lack of political knowledge, wore his ignorance, asks if there are "any black people or crackheads in Alaska", and repeatedly accuse Senator John McCain of "bugging!"

Yeah Puff, we really need political advice form your royal highness. Why don't you just stick to dancing in your Sean John suits and let Barack do his thing.

Lord have Mercy.


London's mediocre and all round Shag Boy, Russell Brand will be presenting next week's MTV Video Music Awards in the States.

Who signed that deal? When will MTV understand that trying to use half-baked comedians such as Jimmy Fallon, Sarah Silverman and the other washable past host to give the evening's proceedings a "unique edge" is just not working.

Chris Rock has been the only credible host. Just sign his huge check and bring his behind back.


Supposedly video hoes in 2088 will have laser-beam eyes. This 'genius' concept is courtesy of video director Hype Williams on Lloyd's Girls All around the world .

Lil Wayne's verse on this is a spectacle.



It’s been a week of pure adrenaline. I re-discovered that Athletics is better than any other sport in the calendar at delivering peak moments: and almost always these come at the Olympic Games.

The Beijing Olympics although started drier than a rocket salad, became the spectacle of the last week with breathtaking moments to cherish for many years to come.

2 words made the tournament – Usian Bolt. The natural showman from Jamaica set the tournament alight with his charisma; unfrock reign and his giant strides.

Now, a few weeks ago, I had celebrated August babies and gave extensive reasons why we are so great and are natural leaders. It gives us great joy to have Usian Bolt make history in both his 100 and 200 metres gold medals performances. It gave me great pride that at my old age that I could still be inspired by someone younger than me. I wanted to fly. Achieve. Conquer. Be the best in ‘my’ field.

Who would have thought, Michael Johnson’s world record would be dismissed by a man who seems to not have fully pushed himself.

Amidst, the ever-bulging press coverage, I read an article by Simon Barnes of the Times yesterday where he discussed Athletics struggling credibility, “we have reached a stage of cynicism in athletics when there is not a name that would surprise you if it were linked to a failed test”

Barnes reminded us all about the disease which has tainted the athletic world in recent years...doping. As sad as this is, I must confess that all through the celebratory victory ‘dance’ – I kept thinking – please Lord! Let’s not do a Marion Jones. I simply can’t bear watching another star from my generation fall from grace.

Let’s hope this isn’t Bolt’s story, after all what has the games $10m Olympic village doping laboratory been doing over the last two weeks.

Anyway, be sure to support our Nigerian boys in the football’s gold medal match against Argentina in the early hours of tomorrow morning.

This week’s Friday track is a tribute to our new 22-year old hero. This is by far the most exciting record of the last week – this is an exclusive from Common ft. Pharell Williams. This is Universal Mind Control.

You can say you heard it here first. This is BIG!!!!

God bless us all and please let’s keep our dreams alive – either you’re an artist, an architect, a designer, an investment banker, an asset manager, a lawyer, a trader, an accountant, an analyst, a writer, an aspiring politician, an aspiring filmmaker, a publicist, a doctor, a dentist, an engineer, an economist, an head-hunter, a lobbyist, or in construction and if you’re not sure what your path is – it is not the end of the world.


Kind Regards,


How's it going?

Every now and then we have to clean our surroundings; our rooms, our walkways, our heads, friendships, our lives. It's interesting how often many of us sleep in messy surroundings by simply sweeping things under the bed. The day you finally decide to lift the mattress up, you are suddenly amazed by the amount of debris that has accumulated over time often making you ill psychologically.

I have been reading "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, this book explains with simplicity the law that is governing all lives, and offers the knowledge of how to create - intentionally and effortlessly - a joyful life. This is the secret to everything - the secret to unlimited happiness, love, health and prosperity.

It's is all about the law of attraction. The capacity of the mind to attract negative or positive things into your life - if you think and see it, chances are you will hold it. You can have, be, do anything you want, all of this is possible by knowing the SECRET. I urge everyone to get a copy. YOU deserve to know the SECRET.

This week's Friday Track is 'FREEMAN' by the dynamic duo MATTAFIX. This is the liberation song of the year and I want us to listen and jam to this great summery anthem. Have a good weekend and thank you for your birthday messages.

Kind Regards,


I have just experienced the greatest Olympic moment at the Beijing 2008. The 100 m men’s final was nothing short of magnificent. It had everything – style, adrenaline and also the utter destruction of the existing world record.

He won the race in an unbelievable 9.69 secs.

This was a golden moment and you can only imagine the endorsement assault start as Puma will struggle to keep this 21-year old Jamaican. For the rest of his life – the number 2163 will be forever significant.


The beautiful thing about our front row seat at the D-squared fashion show was spotting Anthony from UK's Celebrity Big Brother Hijacked; he was the obnoxious young boxer who had the brain the size of a jar.

Anyway, what a difference a good publicity makes - Anthony now models? So our researchers found that he'd also done underwear campaigns for Empirio Armani. Go figure! This really doesn't do anything for that old saying: "All models are dumb" except Tyson Beckford of course - he's an alien.

(Pre-Celebrity Big Brother Hijacked 2008; before airbrushed graced his face)

(This is now!)

Let's all go on Big Brother. YAY!




Tassels are a no-brainer. In the last month, nothing looks better with a pair of stonewash denim and you no longer have to be a Sloaner own a pair. They are great as casuals and can really dictate your sitting position at your next dinner party.

Feast your eyes on this season's must have pair of footwear. We have selected a few from collections by Louis Vuitton, Paul Smith, Gucci amongst many.

They go with an array of trousers types; from chinos to Levi’s 501s to those holiday Linen trousers gathering dust in your closet. However, if you have the balls the size of the Rafa Nadal, you can wear yours with rolled up distressed jeans.


Straight from the streets of NYC to your computer screens.

This is the very rowdy single from Gucci Mane appropriately titled 'Freaky Gurl'. The lyrics are legendary.

Be warned.....this may be the most unattractive man you'd ever meet.



A bad day for our Tennis hero.

Roger Federer has suffered another horrific defeat, this time at on-going Beijing Olympics losing to the very talented American James Blake.

It continues to hurt to see Roger so dejected. We continue to root for our great champion. These are sign o' the times but it is nothing a great champion cannot surpass.

Keep your faith, Roger.


Has anyone seen the new Flo-rida ft Will.I.Am promotional video for 'In the Ayer'?

It just confirms what I've always thought about Flo-rida as an impost er. As if a rapper who's album is titled 'Mail On Sunday' isn't bad enough, he relies heavily on guest appearances to carry his weight on songs. As anyone ever noticed that he spends half of the time singing and dancing clearly loving his own drivel.

Any respectable rapper with an thirst to be taken seriously would never have guest star on their first three singles. It simply isn't done. Does he actually plan to make any money out of his craft?

Like I said - Imposter - I would actually like to see a die-hard Flo-rida fan. That'll be a spectacle.


The wait seemed like an eternity and we know many like ourselves who thirst so desperately for more after her emphatic-Oscar winning performance as "Effie White" in Dreamgirls. The good news is the girl is back after that "shamble" of a role in the very brilliant "Sexy and the City movie"

Her debut single is "Spotlight" taken from the September-due release album - as of press time, we are unsure about the album title.

Nevertheles, we like this single very much and subsequently very excited about the direction which SONY BMG Music Entertainment is taking the woman that many had written off as "a marketing nightmare" including the silly American Idol voters (we're not even going to go there!)

Enjoy your time in the Spotlight Jennifer!

Also, someone at our HQ has just suggested that this samples Ne-Yo's Because of You. You make the judgement.


It is not in Renaissance Man style to continuously report tragedies but it's been a bewildering weekend with two great African-Americans answering to God's calling.

We tragically confirm the sad death of American funk-soul legend and Academy Award-award winning musician Isaac Hayes who was found dead at his home in Memphis, Tennessee, earlier today. He was 65.

He will be sadly missed.


Hello Friday lovers,

I'm sitting on a lawn and surfing the net - where I'm I .....230 Thompson St.. the land of the free of course. I'm watching the rush hour commuters match soldierly with their backpacks and handbags. My feet jitters in my John Lobb as I anticipate the many things to see and experience in the hours to come.

Game aficionados pace sluggishly as men with classic New York accents concentrate over Chess profusely as if they were under the threats of war under their flat-caps.

I feel part of the noise, the bike-horns, the shaded walkways, I feel part of the Starbucks-carrying Choo, the collapsible wooden chairs, I feel part of the Skyscrapers, the over-zealous traffic wardens, the unsure tourists, I feel like I belong in my RayBan's and white trousers.

I feel all of this cause I'm in the New York state of mind.

This week's Friday Track is the very talented (you have not idea) TAIO CRUZ - the London based, song-writer producer who's album DEPARTURE is the most under-APPRECIATED record of the past few months.

This is the fantastic "She's Like A Star" - this is the weekend banger you wanted to bop to.

Enjoy, I'm off to Flatbush Ave to cop me the Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings record.



This thing called life is exhilirating.

This morning a member of our team had a baby boy and less than an hour later, we hear of the tragic loss of American comedian, Bernie Mac.

So far, very little information is available. His publicist has released a statement confirming that the 50-year old comedian suffered from sarcoidosis, an inflammatory lung disease that produces tiny lumps of cells in the body's organs, but had said the condition went into remission in 2005. He recently was hospitalized and treated for pneumonia, which his publicist said was not related to the disease.

Our hearts go out to his family and we shall continue to enjoy the impressive portfolio of work which he left behind.


Happy Friday,

Allegedly, today (July 25) is going to be the hottest day in London so far with a predicted 30oC expected to pierce my oily skin.

It has been an interesting week of discovery and fine-turning my musical knowledge. I have been a student of hip hop all week as your kind selves have been sending your favourite rap verses of all time as a result of last week’s challenge. With every contribution, I go back and dig, dust and relive the words which range from NWA to WuTang to Masta Ace to Andre 3000.

I’d like to say thank you for your participation, this has been a real eye-opener to the joys that music brings to us all.

We have put together a table of all the verses which were sent to us @ the FRIDAY TRACK. A big thank you to Osa for painstakingly ensuring that we have a comprehensive list. The list is particularly great as it provides instant links to youtube and the respective lyrics forum. It’s great fun!

This week’s choice is a hot scorcher just like this hot summer day. This is DAYS LIKE THESE by the hugely underrated Shaun Escoffery. This is a monster tune.

If you eat anything today make sure it’s an Ice Cream. Go on ladies, ignore the calories.

Enjoy the rest of the day. Mad love to our people from San Fran to Lagos to London to Singapore to New York to Amsterdam to Paris to Washington DC to Tokyo.

We truly love days like these!


You can't say we don't find exclusive. This is the new converse commercial theme tune; it's a NERD production featuring Julian Casablanca and Santiago (we like her!!)

Enjoy, this is My Drive Thru! We give it 5-stars.


Despite all the drama and crack pipes, our favourite Ms 'No-no-no' keeps hording up the spotlight. Last week, her album was declared the biggest-seller globally, racking up a total of 9.78 million copies (yep, she's almost diamond people) and today, Madame Tussuad's London has just unveiled a waxwork of our favourite beehive.

Mum and Dad decided to stand next to it. Why we say, why?


These dudes are so out-of-the-world with their Malibu-BEHAVIOUR, it's ridiculous.

Check out this very catchy 'Buzzin'


Just to think Christian Bale should be on top of the world as his Batman jsut scored big with cinema-goers across the globe grossing a whooping $79 million in its first week opening in America ($11m less than the estimated cost of production). It has just been revealed that he has been charged with assault by the British police. Guess by who.....his mother and sister.

Is that bizzare enough for you? Apparently he lashed out at both members of the family on sunday night at the Dorchester Hotel in London's Park Lane.

Our heart bleeds for one of the most successful Batmans on his generation. First, Heath Ledger's performance has overshadowed everyone's including the lead performance and now a possible arrest. What a timing? Perhaps, this is what happens when the media have forgotten Batman himself, falling needlessly for the 'joker'.

Go figure!


The Mercury music prize shortlisted albums were announced this morning at an event in Covent Garden, london. We are quite pleased as two of our favourite albums from the year so far, were acknowledged.

Adele's 19 and Estelle's Shine.

I'm pretty positive neither would win but wouldn't it be special if Adele won. I saw her at the Somerset House on Saturday and she was breathtaking considering this time last year, she wasn't even signed to Excel.


Courtesy of the Renaissance Man, here are some of our favourite videos at the moment.

This is Little Jackie's The World should revolve around me


I hope the lord forgives me for this one cause I don't know Katy Perry from Adam and I'm certainly not qualified to determine what her capabilities are as an artist but I can't help but feel after hearing her debut single "I kissed a girl...." don't artists run the risk of doom after launching their career with such a 'controversial/brave/tongue-in-cheek' debut. So many spring to mind - Meredith Brook's Bitch, Sandi Thom's Punk Rocker, etc.

These songs will certainly guarantee radio airplay and might end up at the top of the charts however the stigma that sticks for the rest of the artist's career is this silly debut that people sadly can't detach themselves from.


Despite several glitches and technical mishaps, the 3rd Annual THISDAY Africa is rising concert went ahead as planned.

Here are some images and my world, it's nice to see that the Lagos heat doesn't only affect the common man, even the celebs dey sweat.


What were they thinking?

You are looking at an illustration that is donning the current cover of the New Yorker magazine. The illustration depicts presidential hopeful Barack Obama dressed as a Muslim and his wife as a terrorist.

The illustration on the issue, titled The Politics Of Fear, depicts Mr Obama wearing sandals, robe and a turban, and his wife Michelle dressed in camouflage and combat boots, with an assault rifle strapped over her shoulder. The setting is the the White House's Oval Office with the couple doing a fist tap in front of a fireplace in which an American flag is burning. Over the fire hangs a portrait of Osama bin Laden.

Is this really funny and more importantly is this really necessary? At what point do we draw the line with satire and blatant lack of reasoning? The response to this image is inevitable - it is going to spark rage amongst many stakeholder groups and continue to cloud the hopefuls' campaign.

In a statement, the magazine said the cover "combines a number of fantastical images about the Obamas and shows them for the obvious distortions they are, the burning flag, the nationalist-radical and Islamic outfits, the fist-bump, the portrait on the wall? All of them echo one attack or another.

Right......does this make it okay then?

To be brutally honest, as much as I can try to see the funny side of things, I cannot help but feel slightly unsettled by some of the connotations that this images drums up. It is great that intelligent, political journals like New York Magazine have supported Barack at some point in his campaign but are they really supporting him for the right reasons?

Images like this should really make us question what are the ethos and reasons for their support and more importantly - at what cost?

Let's marinade on this for a moment!


Clearly summer is in full swing and we are all trying to put a presentable face out there. To some it comes easier than others hence why the Renaissance Man has taken it upon himself to point men in the right directions for the coming months.

Our edition is solemnly focusing on how to add a LOUD touch that will make all the impact this summer. We're talking accessories.
Here are some of our MOST outlandish picks for elevating your presence a notch.

Hermes 32 mm reversible leather strap in Black/Gold, Box/Togo calfskin & 5382 buckle, silver and palladium plated
Ref. 052000CAAB080 & 052170CK05

Bottega Veneta Grafite Intercciato Perforated VN Holdall

Folding pilot style with oval frame. Black metal frame with black acetate eye rims and smoke lens


I just read a quote by Mariah (from a local newspaper) on reasons why she felt her last single "Bye Bye" bombed and it went something like "My fans prefer me single...", I thought - you damn Skippy!

The truth is, I will love Mariah for the rest of my existence. She makes me love her more and more with every new release and unsurprisingly music video and the new promotional vid for Loving you long time featuring T.I is no exception.

This is the new HOT HOT HOT vid which makes the thirty something look like she's just discovered a gym. She looks fantastic and marriage might be doing this superstar some good.

Anyway, judge the video yourself. I'm just glad Nick's butt is not in the video, she clearly learnt from the last Bye Bye shambles. No one wants to see it - put it away peeps!


So Solange has decided that after having a baby at the ripe age of 17 and playing second fiddle to her superstar sister that she's going to go back to her original

Yep, how could you have forgotten that her real reason for her fame was her hugely successful solo career. How could you?????

Yep, she's back. Didn't we miss her???!

She's wearing her musical influence on her sleeve with her recent efforts - a cross of 60s soul/ Amy Winehouse/ Pop-starlet, it is so confusing that I can't actually decide on what her "I Decided" single is all about. No pun indeed.

This is my problem with kids of privilege, just because a record deal is like asking your father/mother for a $100 bill doesn't mean you have to take it.

This is just wrong!


Who is Alice Smith?

The same question I found myself asking as I looked at the billing list of the recently concluded O2 Wireless Festival at London's Hyde Park last Thursday.

Like any other festival fanatic, I was determined to scout all the new acts as I was in desperate need to reshuffle my music collection after all that's what Summer is all about.....isn't it?

At a hollow tent away from the main stage where the likes of the fabulous Hot Chip and Mark Ronson thrilled the many drunk punters was a tent which honestly resembled a circus backdrop; dark and littered I must confessed I was terrified as I approached it's entrance.

As we moved closer, it was evident that we were about to experience something quite special, what stood in front of us was the 29-year old, DC-raised woman looking every bit the star in fitted clothing and my personal favourite, stilettos.

It was almost unbelievable to hear the voice which powered through her standing mic backed by an all-male band, I quickly readjust after a few songs and basked in the glow of what is simply a fabulous talent.

Upon getting home, I trawled through the Internet to find background information on mu new love story and quickly realised that the person whom I thought was relatively unknown had been hailed by several credible music publications as "the one to watch" and has several TV appearances under her belt including The Ellen DeGeneres Show. I guess she's not so unknown after all, we're just ignorant here in England.

Anyway, here is Alice Smith with what I think is her most recognised song so far, this is Dream


Unless you've been asleep for the last 7 days, you would have heard about Italian Vogue's upcoming July issue featuring only black models.

The special issue include more than 100 pages of black-"ness", including the cover, which features images of black women taken by the acclaimed New York based photographer Steven Meisel. The pictures will be accompanied by articles on successful black women in arts and entertainment.

This issue has been regarded as "A breakthrough in fashion barriers"....what angers us is this idea that this edition is expected to be the worst-ever selling by the renowned publishers. Industry insiders claim black girls just "do not sell". What does that mean?

Is that implying that Vogue enthusiasts will suddenly not by their favourite read because a black woman is on the cover or black people don't have buying power or they can't read or are simply unfashionable?

I will not answer any of these questions cause these implications are simply too disturbing to comprehend.