Say good bye to your Nike 'Hi' Dunks, we don't care if you paid £500 on a pair. They are dated and they certainly don't look good with skinny jeans - stop kidding yourself!
The Reebok 'White' Hi-Top is going to be the must-have footwear for the summer, just think NWA 'Straight outta Compton, it's the mutherfucker.........'

Yep, you better believe it, we are bringing the year 1990 back in a big way. Rumor has it, Ronald Reagan once received a customised pair from the late Eazy E during his courtesy visit to the White Horse - go figure!

This is BIG. You will say we told you so.


You know I was having a Biggie moment around 2 am this morning. I was completely enthralled in the words from his first-ever single 'Juicy'. I absorbed every single sentence like an eager kindgarden toddler. It was particularly refreshing to finally put my finger on why I've always admired Biggie's music although never quite the fanatic as I was relatively younger in his prime to understand his many wordplays.

I think what Biggie had (and what a lot of current rappers lack) is the capacity to convince. I don't need to regurgitate his verses but I'm most certain that we all know them off by heart and we usually recite them with more joy and vigour. Why? Because we believed the man, we liked what he was saying, we liked the way he delivered it, we liked the charisma is his lines.

I was really moved last night. I'm once again a Biggie fan so go dust off your 'Ready to Die' album. That's what you need to be doing right now!