I just read a quote by Mariah (from a local newspaper) on reasons why she felt her last single "Bye Bye" bombed and it went something like "My fans prefer me single...", I thought - you damn Skippy!

The truth is, I will love Mariah for the rest of my existence. She makes me love her more and more with every new release and unsurprisingly music video and the new promotional vid for Loving you long time featuring T.I is no exception.

This is the new HOT HOT HOT vid which makes the thirty something look like she's just discovered a gym. She looks fantastic and marriage might be doing this superstar some good.

Anyway, judge the video yourself. I'm just glad Nick's butt is not in the video, she clearly learnt from the last Bye Bye shambles. No one wants to see it - put it away peeps!

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