Just to think Christian Bale should be on top of the world as his Batman jsut scored big with cinema-goers across the globe grossing a whooping $79 million in its first week opening in America ($11m less than the estimated cost of production). It has just been revealed that he has been charged with assault by the British police. Guess by who.....his mother and sister.

Is that bizzare enough for you? Apparently he lashed out at both members of the family on sunday night at the Dorchester Hotel in London's Park Lane.

Our heart bleeds for one of the most successful Batmans on his generation. First, Heath Ledger's performance has overshadowed everyone's including the lead performance and now a possible arrest. What a timing? Perhaps, this is what happens when the media have forgotten Batman himself, falling needlessly for the 'joker'.

Go figure!

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Toolbox said...

Heath Ledger really went out with style here, his performance was incredible so I'm not surprised that he has overshadowed Bale. You have to see this, no jokes, the joker is the main feature.