16 @ WAR

Yep......I'm about to utter my favourite line whenever something exciting jumps out of the machine that is the American Music Industry.

"Here's possibly one of the most exciting young talents..." since Alicia Keys jumped out with 'Fallin' many many years ago.

Karina is the 16-year old Brooklyn native who has been generating a lot of attention amongst her peers with her honest approach to song-writing and her infinite capacity to paint vivid pictures of life as a teenager in East Coast, America.

Her debut single really hit a home run with us a few nights ago. The message of the anthemic '16 @ War' is so vivid and hard-hitting that you almost feel like a teenager again - susceptible to all its pressures and uncertainties.

It's a refreshing change from the usual record company teenager artist formula of songs about love and 'boys', it's no surprise chat rooms across the web are raging with teenagers donning '16 @ War' the soundtrack to their young lives.

This is very encouraging indeed.

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