We all know that no political campaign will be complete without the two cents of Sean 'Diddy' Combs.

We saw his very 'successful' and 'influential' hand during the Kerry 2004 campaign with his business savvy 'Vote or Die' initiative. Plus in recent months we have been bombarded with his stupid antics supposedly designed to demonstrate his support for the Democratic candidate.

But when will he and all other celebrities realise that sometimes their outspokeness could be a hindrance to a political campaign. Haven't they learned from how Oprah and George Clooney have both strategically pulled away slowly from Obama's campaign. Do what you can under-the-radar (fundraising, etc) but keep your face out of the Camera!

But will Diddy take this advice.....hell no!

On his blog post No. 16., he lunches into McCain's newly appointed running mate, Sarah Palin. In his bizzare rant, Diddy plays out his lack of political knowledge, wore his ignorance, asks if there are "any black people or crackheads in Alaska", and repeatedly accuse Senator John McCain of "bugging!"

Yeah Puff, we really need political advice form your royal highness. Why don't you just stick to dancing in your Sean John suits and let Barack do his thing.

Lord have Mercy.

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Tiger Tem said...

I'm sooo with you on this. I kinda like Diddy but this was just too transparent a shameless opportunity to attract attention. And man, if you're going to say you have anything to say about politics...say something. Don't just whip out your camcorder and film yourself blazed.