We feel for Heather Mills.

The cow just can't seem to do anything right. Just in case you haven't heard about her outburst on GMTV yesterday, the key story is that she's officially nuts.

She compared herself to Kate McCann and Princess Diana - you wish B****!

This week on your beloved blog, it's all about the 'Hustleress' - Foxy, Fergie now Heather. What an esteemed group (Don't you agree!). From a catalogue model, to a disability activist, to a McCartney, to a psycho gold digger.....ooooh, we love her. Someone please give her a medal. She deserves a pat on the back.

Next time she gets another offer to appear on TV (I can see the offers pouring in!). She should be introduced as "...It's Heather, B****!)

You better recognise!


Agu said...

Heather Mills, I just cant stand- Diana wannabe! Though, I couldn't help but feel sorry for the poor lady. Imagine being on the receiving end of bad publicity from national/international press when all u want to do is get on with grabbing as much dough as possible from the Honourable Sir McNugget.

Objective press is one thing, but consciously seeking to influence peoples' opinion (as opposed to leaving the judgement to the people) is one thing I am totally against. Now, though I detest the unfaithful/weak/gold-digger, I sympathise with her; f@@king press...

frieddodo said...

i see a whole range of t-shits flooding the market;
'It's Britney b***h'
'It's Foxy b***h'
'It's Heather b***h'
'It's Condeleza b***h'