Common and Alicia Keys obviously ignore the huge budgets allocated for 'love interest' in music video productions. Both artists have continued to chose each other to kiss and caress, obviously because it's more 'artistic' and you are sad if you don't see their artistic competence...yeah Whatever!

We all remember how stunning she looked in his 'I Want you' video and most will have noticed his more recent cameo on her new single 'Like you'll never see me again', which leads to the question - what is up peeps? This is a PR moment for their respective publicists and I'm suprised they're not exploring it further. This could lead to some great leads or perhaps I'm just too media savvy......yeah, that's probably it!

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Tiger Tem said...

I sooo agree with you on that one. Yeah she was looking mighty fine in common's video, and I know he can act...but he seemed rather smitten. And then I saw her video today...and weren't they both in that film i never saw...smoking aces?