This is Lumes Flowne - the London based Nigerian rapper with harder punch-lines than Curtis Jackson. He has several mixtapes out at the moment, the most recent been 'The Mixfolio'

He is crisp, fresh and gunning for the throne and by the looks of his recent promotional video 'Tidy', it's only a matter of time.

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areafada said...

He's good. I'd heard another one of his tracks through a mutual friend and i'm glad to see him maintain the consistency.
Unfortunately the video is completely wrong. The director is aiming for a high-budget aesthetic on a shoe-string budget. nah man, it can't work. They're clever ways to do it, but in this case, it takes alot away from Lumes. Lumes is still on the come-up. He needs to celebrate that fact. His videos need to show his real life. When he can (and he will) eventually afford those cars, then he can put then in the video. Until then, stay hungry and stay on the streets. A well shot video of him making the rounds of NW4 would've gone down nicely.