Most artists want to be politicians and most politicans want to have musicians' street cred. MIA is a classic case, she continues to fool people with her "views" on the state of the world, the middle-east and civil rights yet she's not changing nothing but the highlights in her hair.

MIA is a British vocalist, songwriter, composer, record producer and visual artist, and a Tamil of Jaffna origin. Her work in music often features a range of elements of genres including grime, hip-hop, ragga, dancehall and electro.

Her critically-acclaimed album "KALA" has won huge reviews and her new single "Papaer Planes" is banging. I must confess I haven't heard her debut album, simply because I'm tired of young people shooting their mouths-off on issues that they know little about but anyway lets enjoy this video in the meantime and hopefully (and just hopefully) she'll learn to shut the hell up.

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