The new Gillette fusion advertising campaign is packing more heat than my torso. Is this possible?

It has the three highest sports achievers in the sporting world today. Actually maybe that isn't entirely true, I wouldn't rate Thierry Henry in the same league as Tiger Woods and Roger Federer but let's move on.

All three men appear in the new adverts looking as chessy as a Cheese & Onion packet of Crisps donning black suits whilst walking on a treadmill.

This is big sponsorship power at its peak and I know most men shave (the justification for this stupid budget allocation) but come on, Gillette has little to no competition why would their marketing department flock out this much on these endorsements.

I'm guessing each althete must have pocketed at least $20m. I read a clause in their contract and it states that these men must never be caught (on camera or film) unshaven. Now ain't that a b****!

Small price to pay for big bucks! I'll save my legs for that.

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areafada said...

I'll shave everything permanently for 20m. sheeiiit.

The worst part of the ad is that it's fuckin shit. The absolute lack of creativity is really disappointing. Gillette could've easily had an open call for ad firms to make proposals and then selected the best one. Every ad firm in the world would've submitted something.