Doesn't it seem like the whole Neo-Soul movement of the late 90s seem to have evaporated without a trace. We all try to stay true to our "roots" in one way or another either by tieing a turban or wearing those ridiculous Malcolm X necklaces. Yep,...I've tried to bury it at the back of my consciousness.

A few artist were synonymous with that movement, most notably, The Roots, Erykah Badu (The weirdo), Jill Scott and many many more.

A guy bust into the scene really briefly with his self-titled debut album "Rahsaan Patterson" delivering soft-hits like Stop By and Where you are. I'm still utterly convinced that is problem was his image - a camp, Maxwell-esque style which I think American could identify with.

In his defense, he did release other albums in the noughties (Love in Stereo - Oct 99, After Hours - Oct 04, Wines & Spirits - Sept 07) but sadly they all sank without a trace. Nevertheless, he gave us good music once and we ask....Where art thou? bro.....

Show your face.

In the meantime, lets reminisce with my favourite single from him, Where you are

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