I ain't going to lie, I'm an American Idol fan and I have been since the very first pilot series in the UK, originally titled simply Pop Idol. I even voted for the eventual winner, Mr Will Young.

Over the years, The Americans have gotten their claws on it and as usual revamped and remodelled the format to make it the global phenomenon that it is today spinning a franchise that has included Philippines Idol.....Go figure, making Simon Fuller (The original creator) a very wealthy man indeed.

I also have been debating for years if this show can really create great singers and eventual artists. I mean, the series has a lot to be thankful for producing Kelly Clarkson as it's very first winner and the most successful to date. She has gone on to win grammys even though her face freaks me the f*** out.

Last year's winner is starting to impress me. Her name is Jordin Sparks and funny enough that is the only series which I didn't follow religiously but her recent produce is very impressive and her last single "Tattoo" has quickly become a favourite on my MP3 player. Like past winners, I question her marketability, like her predecessors, Rube Stoddard, Taylor Diggs, Fantasia - they are not very attractive people on screen and somehow despite their great talents, they are relatively struggling to truly separate themselves sin the market.

The moral of the story is although the series is unquestionably a great platform for any artist, it is a combine of great music, charisma and talent that will ultimately convince tough critics like myself. In the meantime, listen to Tattoo - I'm very fond of this great simple melody at the moment.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Jordin Sparks.

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tosyn said...

i think 'curse'
the only real winner of idol are the advert companies, and the judges

but its not a marketing ploy, i applaud the orbganisers cos the truth is, there are a lot of talented people out there who get a voice and a platform via IDOLS of any sort.
so will never knock the show

but winning a reality show is sometimes more a curse than a gift
often times, other people get the shine
CLAY AIKEN as opposed to RUben
DAUGHTRY as opposed to Taylor Hicks
LEMAR as opposed to David Sneddon (FAME ACADEMY)
DARE as opposed to Lindiwe (PROJECT FAME)
JADE GOODY as opposed to the winner of Big Brother

I havnt been following the series any longer, but i was so surprised (and pleasantly so) that someone who won last season already has such good songs
i love Tattoo, but u got to love NO AIR!

Renaissance Man said...

Thank you for those insightful comments.

Winning the contest is clearly not an automatic ticket to success. You certainly will get your 5-minutes of fame but as a will always want respect.

Anonymous said...

Who won again?