Black Men United - You Will Know

This verse brings joy into my life

When I was a young boy
I had visions of fame
They were wild and they were free
They were blessed with my name
And then I grew older
And I saw what’s to see
That the world is full of pain
And my dreams they left me
And then I got stronger
Inside of the pain
That’s when I picked up the pieces
And I regained my name
And I fought hard, y’all
To call by my place
And right now you could ask me
And it all seems in vain
[Your dreams ain’t easy] Your dreams ain’t easy
[You just stick by your plan] You just stick by your plan
[Go from boys to men] Go from boys to men
[You must act like a man] You gotta act like a man
[When it gets hard, y’all] When it gets hard, y’all
[You just grab what you know] Got what you know
[Stand up tall and don’t you fall] And my background sing
You will know [You will know], yeah...eah...[You will know]
[You will know] You will know, you will know[You will know]


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