A letter to T.I

Why oh why didn't you stick to your original prophesy? Why the hell on the eve of a big awards' night will you be found fighting at a strip club? Why will you ask your bodyguard to order your machine guns? And why why why, are you married to short'est' from X-SCAPE?

Unlike your music, a lot of things do not make sense about your journey. If this is a stint to sell records then we ain't laughing as the judge has smacked the smile off our smog faces with a 'no bond' which means we ain't hearing your 'swag' in a minute.

Step up and read some books!

Renaissance Man

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frieddodo said...

LOL - u mean XSCAPE...prob the finest girl group in the history of girl group...kinda like Silk were the male opposite. Can u imagine if the guys from silk and the girls from XSCAPE hooked up and had babies..