How messed up is this shit? It looks like Jack Bauer-common man's hero-might be hitting the correctional facility. I can't really be bothered with giving the full details of why, what and how. I just can't believe this - this is just as bad as when original Superman, Mr Reeves fell off his horse and became paralyzed for life. There's got to be some kind of insurance protection cover for all action heroes. There's nothing sadder than watching a 'telly' figure fall from grace.

I mean look at Mr. T doing Snickers commercials and my personal favourite - The Hoff drinking himself to the grave! I mean, this ain't right. How can Jack Bauer save the world in 24 hours but somehow forget to save his own a**?

Akon needs to sing about this shizzle!

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Anonymous said...

Gosh girl....i love your blog. I love how u construct your write-ups. U sort of remind me of YBF.