What the hell is up with Foxy 'Boogie' Brown? Is she trying to be Naomi? She's in jail as we speak for assaulting an assistant with her blackberry. Few days ago, she was moved into a special section in the prison away from inmates after she got into a brawl with a number of jailbirds.
Since when was acting crazy cool? Since when did going to jail become the norm for female rappers? They might as well grow penises at this stage as this behaviour is simply out-of-this-world and quite frankly pathetic.
What's next, Lil' mama in rehab? Ooooooh....we're going to love that, no more my lipgloss is poppin' crap!


Anonymous said...

Well, it's d norm for black american singers/rappers to always get into police wahala, so i ain't surprised.

Godwin said...

She is a B-*-*-*-* and she is all about the B-L-I-N-G, D-*-*-k and Gangster L-I-F-E, Biggy's life is her B-I-B-L-E. She wants to revolutionise the Bella M-A-F-I-A and ensure that she recruits more women to become gangsters and B-*-*-*-Hes like H-E-R. What the F**k, I gotta spell it out?