At the recently concluded Paris Fashion week, the press had a filled-day with their several photo-opps. It is not a strange concept to associate front row sits at Fashion shows with celebrities however what was strange was the bucket-full of RAPPERS that were present. Your boy Kanye was there, Pharrell obviously amonsgt many. This drove me to question, who actually wears Louis Vuitton garments and assessories.

T.I and Young Jeezy (yes him!) recently had a louis vuitton themed birthday party in the A.T.L and we all remember the sad Mariah carey video 'Say Something' which was famously shot in the Champs-Ulyees flagship store. So, we ask who actually still cares about the LV monograms on an item of clothing or even better travel luggage. Is it just us? Does Marc jacob actually have to come up with another collection because it doesn't seem like anyone else is paying attention except VB of course?

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