Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! It's so good to have Jay-Z back on form.

We have to confess the new single 'Roc Boys' rubs us the right way. The combine of cocky verbal assaults and insane Kanye production makes this tune a force to be reckoned with.

It's so addictive!

first of all i wanna thank my connect
the most important person with all due respect
thanks to the duffle bag the brown paper bag
the nike shoe box for holding all this cash
boys in blue who put greed before the badge
the first pusher who ever made the stash
the roc boys in the building tonight
oh what a feeling I'm feeling life
thanks to the lames niggas with bad aim
thanks to a little change I'll tear you out the game
bullet wounds'll stop your bufoonery
thanks to the paster rapping at your eulogy
to little kim and them you know the women friend who
carry the work cross state for a gentleman
yea, thanks to all the hustlers, and most important to you, the customer

If you haven't heard the American Gangster soundtrack yet - you are doing yourself serious injustice.

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