I'm really not too sure about this new 'solo' career of Ms. Pussycat Doll. Does it all seem like a mistake?

As inevitable as it was that she was eventually going to leave the 1 singer and 6 deranged dancers' group - it almost seemed like it came too quickly. Don't get me wrong we like all her acrobatic body-popping moves while we are 'loosing up her buttons' or 'telling her to wait a minute' but in her new promotional 'image' she's just 'baby loving baby love, you making the sun come up' , I mean WHAT?

Is it really a good move to launch a new image going completely against the grain of what people have come to expect from you. Can Nicole Schmiw......(whatever the spelling is) really be classy? Can she be allowed to be a grown artist? Do people really want to see this softer edge or do we just want the SLUT persona?

Please help me out here, I'm sure I ain't the only one feeling the mediocre vibe. The scariest part is she's probably reading scripts as we speak, she's probably going to venture into film as well.

Lord have mercy!

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