So the assination of Benazir Bhutto probably comes as no news to the majority of you. The nes giants (CNN, BBC News) have all literally spent all their broadcasting hours on the reporting of the leader of the PPP (Pakistani People's Party). Benazir Bhutto needs little to introduction, we have all gotten accustomed to her highly public family tree - in the past century, her father and two brothers have all been victims of politically-conspired assinations.

I must confess, I had very limited knowledge on the trials and tribulations of this matyr, I only got involved in her message upon her return from Pakistan from the UAE (where her family had been protected by the Royal Family).

I'm very aware that CNN has the capacity to cloud its viewers minds (especially in the case of its blantant biasness for its favored figures) however, I began extremely drawn to this woman and what I thought she stood for.

I'm extremely keen on acting as the student and I would like your respective comments on this tragic figure and her 'stagnant' message.

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