So..............what do we think about the new power couple rocking the 2008 Presidential Race? Oprah 'dynamite' Winfrey ghas decided to endorse Democrats' candidate Sen. Barack Obama. She is currently on a 3-state campaign tour with him as they pack arenas of potential voters.

Without trying to be cynical, we ask, is this a really good move? Does celebrity endorsemnent enhance political profiling afterall Sen. Kerry was endorsed by everyone from Ben Affleck to Bruce Springsten yet he lost to George W. Bush.

Last night, a CNN guest described the OBAMA & WINFREY partnership as the ultimate "green card". Do we agree?

What we do agree in is the amount of black power that these two pack, while listening to their speeches last night - we thought DAMN, that's black intelligence!

Good luck Barack, in the words of brother Malcolm..... "By Any Means Neccessary"

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