As you all know we are only hours from the first set of votes to be casted in New Hampshire. Many of you would have guessed by now that I'm a huge Obama supporter and I believe in his very poignant message of 'change'

I urge Americans to go out in their hundreds and show support during these crucial stages of the primaries.

I would also like to urge the media to take it easy of Hilary Clinton. She has quickly become the target of 'America Votes 2008'. I felt very uncomfortable watching her breakdown on TV in New Hampshire yesterday.

I have also been thinking that although everyone should fight to win. A partnership between Obama and Clinton could work beautifully.

I think it is important to remember that Bill Clinton worked hard to improve the status of African Americans. Comedians like Chris Rock had tagged him 'The Black President' in the past.

He fought hard for civil/human rights for all Americans. The fact that Barack Obama is running and winning public support is indirectly part of teh work the Clintons has done almost a decade ago.

So you heard it hear first - how about Obama for President, Hillary his vice?

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Agu said...

I have to say, what u wrote really touched me. I have been guilty of demonizing Mrs Clinton...I promise not to wish her any type of luck anymore (esp not bad).
Saying that, I resist overly ambitious peeps (esp women) who seek to subdue/surpass their partners. And before I get any feminist replies, I am not a male chauvinist! I just think men and women should work in tandem with each other and cant stand the sight of a jezebelic woman.