Does anyone remember the one-hit wonder, Skee-lo (the short, quarter-length trouser wearing rapper who wanted to be a baller) yep, him.

Let's not even front, we all bought that record - otherwise how did it become a number one smash in dozen countries.

We wonder what ever happened to him in South Central LA, perhaps was used as bait for a game of Dominos - if you have seen him in recent times, tell him we are fans at the Renaissance Man.

It's all love!


Anonymous said...

thought Ozwald was married ? they divorced ?

Anonymous said...

Haha I wish I was a little bit taller I wish I was a baller.... Blast from the past lol

LT said...

yep he was a midget baller for like 3 months on the charts with that song. He's probably a college grad now as the lyrics to that song were quite smart if i might add.

Anonymous said...

"perhaps was used as bait for a game of Dominos"