So I really wanted to hate the new single from Madonna and Trousersnake. I really wanted to sooooooooooo badly unfortunately, my first encounter with the promotional video came at a lighthearted time of a dull evening where I was susceptible to liking anything with a Timbaland bassline.

I was very shocked to discover that 4 minutes with Madonna and Timberlake wasn't at all bad and quite honestly, I was impressed.

The single titled strangely '4 minutes' is lifted from the upcoming Hard Candy album which is quickly generating buzz in Pop land but then again with A-list producers, Pharrell Williams and Timbaland - are we really surprised?

I'm not sure what to think about Madge's sudden embrace of HIP-POP although I suspect this is another calculated transformation from Mrs. Ritchie. It will be interesting to hear what the entire record sounds like but I must say I really tired to dislike the very concept.

In the meantime, this is 4 minutes of pure good pop madg-ness!


Tiger Tem said...
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Tiger Tem said...

I still can't get over how lithe, limber and buff she looks in the video. 50 with 2 kids? I salute you.

Yep, she's totally jumping on the hip hop bandwagon with some of the best in the game. But that's what she's always done. Worked with the hottest team in the hottest genre of music at each key point in time. But I love me some Madge so I'm sure I'll love the album! Love the title too.